New Set of Palo Alto Cell Towers Proposed for Residential Zones

Oppose This Unconstitutional Expansion of Wireless into Residential Zones

Verizon Wireless has entered a Master License Agreement (“MLA”) with the City of Palo Alto allowing the attachment of antennas and other equipment (so-called “Small Cell” Cell Towers) on city owned poles in the public Right-of-Way.

  • Ninety-three (93) such wireless communication facility (“WCF”) installations are currently planned to be co-located on wood utility poles and metal streetlights. – Approximately seventy-nine (79) of these small cells are proposed to be colocated on existing wood utility poles;
  • Fourteen (14) small cells are proposed to be installed on existing city streetlights.
  • The fifteen (15) cell towers shown in the image target the Midtown, Palo Verde, St. Claire Gardens, and South of Midtown neighborhoods.
  • These proposed so-called “Small Cell” Cell Towers are purported to provide the City of Palo Alto with better Verizon network capacity and coverage, but are they really needed? Palo Alto already has full Verizon coverage and Verizon has not proven that there is a significant gap in coverage in these targeted neighborhoods.

Is This Wireless Expansion Needed or Even Legal?

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Nasa Engineer’s Letter to the Editor

Read Nasa Engineer Peter Harvey’s 12/4/17 Letter to the Piedmont Post Editor

Dear Editor:

In last week’s letters to the editor, a letter entitled “A Calming Note” made erroneous claims about the dangers of RF Microwave radiation. In the note, the author says non-ionizing radiation cannot cause DNA damage and that we should trust the FCC to determine the health effects of RF Microwave radiation. He cites no research to back up his claims, and quotes the current World Health Organization erroneously.

In reality, since May, 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF Microwave radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen. In addition, the results from the May, 2016 National Toxicology program’s $25 million, 16-year animal study of Carcinogenesis of Cell Phone Radiation concluded statistically significant increases in brain cancer, heart cancer, pre-tumors and DNA damage in test animals vs. control animals.

These results mean that RF Microwave radiation is a known toxic agent. Importantly, the NTP study showed a dose-response relationship between this toxic agent, RF Microwave radiation, and these adverse biological effects. Further, these effects occurred at exposure levels that were not high enough to heat the animals’ tissue to any measurable degree. The NTP study shows that biological hazards from RF Microwave radiation exposures occur at levels far below that which would cause tissue heating and far below current FCC RF Microwave radiation exposure guidelines.

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FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel: Save Net Neutrality

FCC Wrote an OpEd in the Los Angeles Times on 11/22/17:

I’m on the FCC. Please Stop Us From Killing Net Neutrality.

11/22/17 Los Angeles Times OpEd by FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel

Right now, you can go online and connect with friends, watch videos and read the news. There’s a good chance you are reading this online right now. We do much more on the internet than consume content, however. Increasingly, the internet is also where we create. We use online platforms and digital services to develop, share and spread ideas around the corner and around the globe.

This is the open internet experience we all know, and it’s a big part of why America’s internet economy is the envy of the world.

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Senator Kamala Harris Communications

On 12/4/17 @ 1:40 pm, CA Senator Kamala Harris sent the following email message

This weekend I left the Senate floor where the Republicans passed their tax plan after spending the entire day rewriting it in secret.

Now, the Republicans are taking a victory lap because they advanced a bill none of them have read. This plan will affect every single American: from our children and grandparents to teachers, first responders, and college students. And they haven’t even taken the time to hold a public hearing or read what this bill does, probably because they know it’ll harm millions of Americans.

This is no way to govern. It’s irresponsible, unfair, and disrespectful to the American people.

Now Republicans must reconcile the Senate version of this legislation with the one that passed the House last month. Both plans are outrageous — cutting taxes on the wealthy at the expense of everyday Americans — but this period of reconciliation gives us time to keep calling, writing, tweeting, and taking action to make our voices heard.

Add your name to my petition to pledge that you will do everything in your power — from calling your member of Congress to writing letters and attending rallies — to stop whatever tax scam Republicans in the House and Senate agree to in conference.

So many times during the health care fight it seemed hopeless. Yet you persisted — and because of your actions we saved our health care, and I believe we can do it again. Never forget you have a powerful voice that is capable of inspiring great change.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

On 12/4/17 @ 6:00 pm, Scientists For Wired Technology Responded to Her

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FCC Aims to End Net Neutrality

Paul Thurrott: “I think of [Net Neutrality] as more of a fairness thing . . . What has happened . . . What have these companies done when they were unfettered by regulation? What have they done? There are so many stories. . . It’s also anti-innovation because what this does is it gives unfair advantage to companies that already happen to be really big and they can just control their monopolies.

The 2017 FCC Actions are both Pro-Monopoly and Anti-Competition

12/2/17 Net Neutrality Discussion – What The Tech Ep. 378

5/16/17 Net Neutrality – Daily Tech Show

Bruce Kushnick has the full story and the data to back it up: criminal abuse of monopoly power and outright fraud by transferring billions of dollars collected from Grandma’s (public utility) landline phone bill to their unregulated Wireless entities to finance the buildout of 4G/LTE. No public benefits, just pure, criminal greed. Kushnick summarizes this in his latest revised article called the Wheel of Mis-Fortune, reproduced below. This is a must read.

The FCC Majority — Chairman Pai, Commissioner O’Rielly and Commissioner Carr — are fully captured, influenced and acting on behalf of the very industries they are supposed to regulate in order to protect public interests. Chairman Pai is a former Verizon attorney; Commissioner Carr worked with Verizon, AT&T, and the wireless and phone associations as a lawyer for Wiley Rein, and Commissioner O’Reilly is a friend of ALEC, which creates model legislation designed and funded, in large part, by Verizon and AT&T.

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Palo Alto Whitewashes RF Microwave Radiation Exposure Hazards

Comparison of Average vs. Peak RF Microwave Radiation Exposure Readings

The red dots on this map represent locations of 19 so-called “small cell” antennas that are forcibly exposing Palo Alto residents, workers and visitors to extremely hazardous levels of Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) 24/7/365
The screen of the HF-59B meter (equipped with a DG20_G10 -20 dB attenuator) shows peak RF/MW radiation readings of 72,000 to 123,000 microwatts per square meter (µW/m²) when standing on the sidewalk below the “Small Cells”. Applying the correction factor for the high-speed, pulsed, digital signals of 4G/LTE, the peak levels of 4G/LTE RF/MW radiation are actually over 720,000 to 1,230,000 µW/m², per the GigaHertz Solutions’ product manual and product video.

Tower Address Average by H&E Peak on meter screen* Peak is x higher
P01m Across from 514 High Street 1,200 µW/m² 123,000 µW/m² 103x
P02m2 Across from 471 Emerson Street 900 µW/m² N/A N/A
P03m Across from 470 Ramona Street 540 µW/m² N/A N/A
P04m Across from 450 Bryant Street 960 µW/m² 88,000 µW/m² 92x
P05m Across from 461 Florence Street 1,600 µW/m² 96,000 µW/m² 60x
P06m2 Across from 502 Waverley Street 1,900 µW/m² N/A N/A
P07m2 400 Hamilton Avenue 5,000 µW/m² N/A N/A
P08m 300 Hamilton Avenue 2,200 µW/m² N/A N/A
P09m2 635 Bryant Street 4,000 µW/m² 72,000 µW/m² 18x
P10m 158 Hamilton Avenue 2,400 µW/m² N/A N/A
P11m 100 Hamilton Avenue 2,600 µW/m² N/A N/A
P12m2 379 Lytton Avenue 4,000 µW/m² N/A N/A
P13m 181 Lytton Avenue 2,200 µW/m² 81,000 µW/m² 37x
P14m 245 Lytton Avenue 1,500 µW/m² N/A N/A
P15m 265 Lytton Avenue 1,600 µW/m² 114,000 µW/m² 71x
P16m 325 Lytton Avenue 2,800 µW/m² N/A N/A
P17m 437 Lytton Avenue 7,000 µW/m² N/A N/A
P18m 380 Hamilton Avenue 1,700 µW/m² N/A N/A
P19m 220 Hamilton Avenue 2,200 µW/m² 100,000 µW/m² 46x

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Broadband Fail: Two of Many

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel Promised on 10/25/17:

I set up this account [] to take in the public’s stories and ideas. And I will share everything that comes in with the Chairman and with my colleagues, because I think it’s time to turn every one of those ‘broadband fails’ into something better – broadband success.

Folks, Take Advantage of this offer today. Let’s hold Commissioner Rosenworcel to her promise. The next FCC vote is on 12/14/17 See what others have already written here, here and here.

On 11/28/17, Lauren Allred wrote to FCC Commissioner Jessic Rosenworcel at

November 28, 2017

Dear Honorable Commissioner Rosenworcel,

I am writing today regarding your desire to hear about the broadband failures from the American public. From the early-1990’s to the present, landline telephone customers already paid billions of dollars to their Title-II-regulated Telecom Utilities to upgrade their Title-II-regulated copper Wireline network to a Title-II-regulated Fiber-Optic Wireline network, but these customers never received the benefits of this promised upgrade in many states across America.

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Broadband Fail: One of Many

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel Promised on 10/25/17:

I set up this account [] to take in the public’s stories and ideas. And I will share everything that comes in with the Chairman and with my colleagues, because I think it’s time to turn every one of those ‘broadband fails’ into something better – broadband success.

Folks, Take Advantage of this offer today. Let’s hold Commissioner Rosenworcel to her promise. The next FCC vote is on 12/14/17 See what others have already written here, here and here.

A grieving mother emailed Jessica Rosenworcel at: on 11/25/17:

November 25, 2017

Dear FCC Commissioners,

Raise your hand if your child has died before you. Hug your child if he or she is healthy. I write today to share that the choices you make about the environment we call home are far reaching, and that our precious homes must be protected.

Radiofrequency microwave radiation has never been proven safe for anyone, let alone children. Ever. And the FCC wants to break down local barriers to deploy more of it?

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The FCC Aids and Abets Copper Wireline Shut Off

First, read about November 16, 2017, the day that will live in infamy. Then read about the results from that day. The copper Wireline shut off was planned by AT&T, Verizon and the FCC over the last seven years and is now being executed in the Trump era.

Are You in a Verizon or AT&T Shut Off Zone?

Will you be one of the disconnected?
By Bruce Kushnik 08/13/2013 04:07 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2013; Link to original article

It’s about time we did the math — how many households and small businesses have the potential of being shut off or abandoned by Verizon and AT&T? How many will be forced to use Verizon’s Wireless services, even when they are not a substitute? How many copper lines are in service today in America today?

Trust me . . . there is a plan. Lowell Mac Adams, Verizon Chairman & CEO and former CEO of Verizon Wireless spoke on June 21, 2012:

But the vision that I have is we are going into the copper plant areas and every place we have FiOS, we are going to kill the copper. We are going to just take it out of service and we are going to move those services onto FiOS. We have got parallel networks in way too many places now, so that is a pot of gold in my view.

And then in other areas that are more rural and more sparsely populated, we have got LTE built that will handle all of those services and so we are going to cut the copper off there. We are going to do it over wireless. So I am going to be really shrinking the amount of copper we have out there …

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