2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, HR.2

From TOC, as of 12/18/18

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  • Subtitle B—Connecting Rural Americans to High Speed Broadband, Sec 6201 and seq.
  • Sec. 6201. Access to broadband telecommunications services in rural areas.
  • Sec. 6205. Outdated broadband systems.
  • Sec. 6209. Use of loan proceeds to refinance loans for deployment of broadband service.
  • Sec. 6210. Smart utility authority for broadband.
  • Sec. 6212. Federal broadband program coordination.
  • Sec. 6214. Rural broadband integration working group.

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  • Sec. 3306. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship program.
  • Sec. 4010. Incentivizing technology modernization.
  • Sec. 6414. Appropriate technology transfer for rural areas program.
  • Sec. 7110. Next generation agriculture technology challenge.
  • Sec. 7130. New Era Rural Technology program.
  • Sec. 7203. Sustainable agriculture technology development and transfer program.
  • Sec. 7214. Clarification of veteran eligibility for assistive technology program for farmers with disabilities.
  • Sec. 8632. Remote sensing technologies.
  • Sec. 8701. Rural revitalization technologies.

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HR 2 2018 Farm Bill

Up for conference and presidential signature

  • 12/12/2018 – 4:15pm —House Motions to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.

  • 12/12/2018-4:15pm — House On agreeing to the conference report Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 369 – 47 (Roll no. 434).

  • 12/11/2018 — Senate agreed to conference report by Yea-Nay Vote. 87 – 13. Record Vote Number: 259.

An act to provide for the reform and continuation of agricultural and other programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2023, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. Short title; table of contents.

(a) Short title.—This Act may be cited as the “Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018”.

(b) Table of contents.—The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 2. Definition of Secretary.

Subtitle A—Commodity Policy

Sec. 1101. Definition of effective reference price.

Sec. 1102. Base acres.

Sec. 1103. Payment yields.

Sec. 1104. Payment acres.

Sec. 1105. Producer election.

Sec. 1106. Price loss coverage.

Sec. 1107. Agriculture risk coverage.

Sec. 1108. Repeal of transition assistance for producers of upland cotton.

Subtitle B—Marketing Loans

Sec. 1201. Extensions.

Sec. 1202. Loan rates for nonrecourse marketing assistance loans.

Sec. 1203. Economic adjustment assistance for textile mills.

Sec. 1204. Special competitive provisions for extra long staple cotton.

Sec. 1205. Availability of recourse loans.

Subtitle C—Sugar

Sec. 1301. Sugar policy.

Subtitle D—Dairy Margin Coverage and Other Dairy Related Provisions

Sec. 1401. Dairy margin coverage.

Sec. 1402. Reauthorizations.

Sec. 1403. Class I skim milk price.

Sec. 1404. Dairy product donation.

Subtitle E—Supplemental Agricultural Disaster Assistance

Sec. 1501. Supplemental agricultural disaster assistance.

Subtitle F—Noninsured Crop Assistance

Sec. 1601. Noninsured crop assistance program.

Subtitle G—Administration

Sec. 1701. Regulations.

Sec. 1702. Suspension of permanent price support authority.

Sec. 1703. Payment limitations.

Sec. 1704. Adjusted gross income limitations.

Sec. 1705. Farm Service Agency accountability.

Sec. 1706. Implementation.

Sec. 1707. Exemption from certain reporting requirements for certain producers.

Subtitle A—Wetland Conservation

Sec. 2101. Wetland conversion.

Sec. 2102. Wetland conservation.

Sec. 2103. Mitigation banking.

Subtitle B—Conservation Reserve Program

Sec. 2201. Conservation reserve.

Sec. 2202. Conservation reserve enhancement program.

Sec. 2203. Farmable wetland program.

Sec. 2204. Pilot programs.

Sec. 2205. Duties of owners and operators.

Sec. 2206. Duties of the Secretary.

Sec. 2207. Payments.

Sec. 2208. Contracts.

Sec. 2209. Eligible land; State law requirements.

Subtitle C—Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Conservation Stewardship Program

Sec. 2301. Repeal of conservation programs.

Sec. 2302. Purposes of environmental quality incentives program.

Sec. 2303. Definitions under environmental quality incentives program.

Sec. 2304. Establishment and administration of environmental quality incentives program.

Sec. 2305. Environmental quality incentives program plan.

Sec. 2306. Limitation on payments under environmental quality incentives program.

Sec. 2307. Conservation innovation grants and payments.

Sec. 2308. Conservation stewardship program.

Sec. 2309. Grassland conservation initiative.

Subtitle D—Other Conservation Programs

Sec. 2401. Watershed protection and flood prevention.

Sec. 2402. Soil and water resources conservation.

Sec. 2403. Emergency conservation program.

Sec. 2404. Conservation of private grazing land.

Sec. 2405. Grassroots source water protection program.

Sec. 2406. Voluntary public access and habitat incentive program.

Sec. 2407. Wildlife management.

Sec. 2408. Feral swine eradication and control pilot program.

Sec. 2409. Report on small wetlands.

Sec. 2410. Sense of Congress relating to increased watershed-based collaboration.

Subtitle E—Funding and Administration

Sec. 2501. Commodity Credit Corporation.

Sec. 2502. Delivery of technical assistance.

Sec. 2503. Administrative requirements for conservation programs.

Sec. 2504. Temporary administration of conservation programs.

Subtitle F—Agricultural Conservation Easement Program

Sec. 2601. Establishment and purposes.

Sec. 2602. Definitions.

Sec. 2603. Agricultural land easements.

Sec. 2604. Wetland reserve easements.

Sec. 2605. Administration.

Subtitle G—Regional Conservation Partnership Program

Sec. 2701. Establishment and purposes.

Sec. 2702. Definitions.

Sec. 2703. Regional conservation partnerships.

Sec. 2704. Assistance to producers.

Sec. 2705. Funding.

Sec. 2706. Administration.

Sec. 2707. Critical conservation areas.

Subtitle H—Repeals and Technical Amendments


Sec. 2811. Repeal of Conservation Corridor Demonstration Program.

Sec. 2812. Repeal of cranberry acreage reserve program.

Sec. 2813. Repeal of National Natural Resources Foundation.

Sec. 2814. Repeal of flood risk reduction.

Sec. 2815. Repeal of study of land use for expiring contracts and extension of authority.

Sec. 2816. Repeal of Integrated Farm Management Program Option.

Sec. 2817. Repeal of clarification of definition of agricultural lands.


Sec. 2821. Technical amendments.

Sec. 2822. State technical committees.

Subtitle A—Food for Peace Act

Sec. 3101. Labeling requirements.

Sec. 3102. Food aid quality assurance.

Sec. 3103. Local sale and barter of commodities.

Sec. 3104. Minimum levels of assistance.

Sec. 3105. Food aid consultative group.

Sec. 3106. Issuance of regulations.

Sec. 3107. Oversight, monitoring, and evaluation.

Sec. 3108. Assistance for stockpiling and rapid transportation, delivery, and distribution of shelf-stable prepackaged foods.

Sec. 3109. Consideration of impact of provision of agricultural commodities and other assistance on local farmers and economy.

Sec. 3110. Allowance for distribution costs.

Sec. 3111. Prepositioning of agricultural commodities.

Sec. 3112. Annual report regarding food aid programs and activities.

Sec. 3113. Deadline for agreements to finance sales or to provide other assistance.

Sec. 3114. Minimum level of nonemergency food assistance.

Sec. 3115. Termination date for micronutrient fortification programs.

Sec. 3116. John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer program.

Subtitle B—Agricultural Trade Act of 1978

Sec. 3201. Agricultural trade promotion and facilitation.

Subtitle C—Other Agricultural Trade Laws

Sec. 3301. Growing American Food Exports.

Sec. 3302. Food for Progress Act of 1985.

Sec. 3303. Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust Act.

Sec. 3304. Promotion of agricultural exports to emerging markets.

Sec. 3305. Cochran fellowship program.

Sec. 3306. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship program.

Sec. 3307. International Agricultural Education Fellowship program.

Sec. 3308. International food security technical assistance.

Sec. 3309. McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition program.

Sec. 3310. Global Crop Diversity Trust.

Sec. 3311. Local and regional food aid procurement projects.

Sec. 3312. Foreign trade missions.

Subtitle A—Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Sec. 4001. Requirements for online acceptance of benefits.

Sec. 4002. Re-evaluation of thrifty food plan.

Sec. 4003. Food distribution program on Indian reservations.

Sec. 4004. Simplified homeless housing costs.

Sec. 4005. Employment and training for supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Sec. 4006. Improvements to electronic benefit transfer system.

Sec. 4007. Review of supplemental nutrition assistance program operations.

Sec. 4008. Retail incentives.

Sec. 4009. Required action on data match information.

Sec. 4010. Incentivizing technology modernization.

Sec. 4011. Interstate data matching to prevent multiple issuances.

Sec. 4012. Requirement of live-production environments for certain pilot projects relating to cost sharing for computerization.

Sec. 4013. Quality control improvements.

Sec. 4014. Evaluation of child support enforcement cooperation requirements.

Sec. 4015. Longitudinal data for research.

Sec. 4016. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 4017. Assistance for community food projects.

Sec. 4018. Emergency food assistance program.

Sec. 4019. Nutrition education.

Sec. 4020. Retail food store and recipient trafficking.

Sec. 4021. Public-private partnerships.

Sec. 4022. Technical corrections.

Subtitle B—Commodity Distribution Programs

Sec. 4101. Commodity distribution program.

Sec. 4102. Commodity supplemental food program.

Sec. 4103. Distribution of surplus commodities to special nutrition projects.

Sec. 4104. Food donation standards.

Subtitle C—Miscellaneous

Sec. 4201. Seniors farmers’ market nutrition program.

Sec. 4202. Purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution to schools and service institutions.

Sec. 4203. Service of traditional foods in public facilities.

Sec. 4204. Healthy food financing initiative.

Sec. 4205. The Gus Schumacher nutrition incentive program.

Sec. 4206. Micro-grants for food security.

Sec. 4207. Buy American requirements.

Sec. 4208. Healthy fluid milk incentives projects.

Subtitle A—Farm Ownership Loans

Sec. 5101. Modification of the 3-year experience eligibility requirement for farm ownership loans.

Sec. 5102. Conservation loan and loan guarantee program.

Sec. 5103. Limitations on amount of farm ownership loans.

Sec. 5104. Relending program to resolve ownership and succession on farmland.

Subtitle B—Operating Loans

Sec. 5201. Limitations on amount of operating loans.

Sec. 5202. Microloans.

Sec. 5203. Cooperative lending pilot projects.

Subtitle C—Administrative Provisions

Sec. 5301. Beginning farmer and rancher individual development accounts pilot program.

Sec. 5302. Loan authorization levels.

Sec. 5303. Loan fund set-asides.

Sec. 5304. Use of additional funds for direct operating microloans under certain conditions.

Sec. 5305. Equitable relief.

Sec. 5306. Socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers; qualified beginning farmers and ranchers.

Sec. 5307. Emergency loan eligibility.

Subtitle D—Miscellaneous

Sec. 5401. Technical corrections to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

Sec. 5402. State agricultural mediation programs.

Sec. 5403. Compensation of bank directors.

Sec. 5404. Sharing of privileged and confidential information.

Sec. 5405. Facility headquarters.

Sec. 5406. Removal and prohibition authority; industry-wide prohibition.

Sec. 5407. Jurisdiction over institution-affiliated parties.

Sec. 5408. Definition of institution-affiliated party.

Sec. 5409. Prohibition on use of funds.

Sec. 5410. Expansion of acreage exception to loan amount limitation.

Sec. 5411. Repeal of obsolete provisions; technical corrections.

Sec. 5412. Corporation as conservator or receiver; certain other powers.

Sec. 5413. Reporting.

Sec. 5414. Study on loan risk.

Sec. 5415. GAO report on ability of the Farm Credit System to meet the agricultural credit needs of Indian tribes and their members.

Sec. 5416. GAO report on credit service to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.

Subtitle A—Improving Health Outcomes in Rural America

Sec. 6101. Combating substance use disorder in rural America; prioritizations.

Sec. 6102. Distance learning and telemedicine.

Sec. 6103. Refinancing of certain rural hospital debt.

Subtitle B—Connecting Rural Americans to High Speed Broadband

Sec. 6201. Access to broadband telecommunications services in rural areas.

Sec. 6202. Expansion of middle mile infrastructure into rural areas.

Sec. 6203. Modifications to the Rural Gigabit Program.

Sec. 6204. Community Connect Grant Program.

Sec. 6205. Outdated broadband systems.

Sec. 6206. Default and deobligation; deferral.

Sec. 6207. Public notice, assessments, and reporting requirements.

Sec. 6208. Environmental reviews.

Sec. 6209. Use of loan proceeds to refinance loans for deployment of broadband service.

Sec. 6210. Smart utility authority for broadband.

Sec. 6211. Refinancing of telephone loans.

Sec. 6212. Federal broadband program coordination.

Sec. 6213. Transition rule.

Sec. 6214. Rural broadband integration working group.

Subtitle C—Miscellaneous

Sec. 6301. Exclusion of certain populations from definition of rural area.

Sec. 6302. Establishment of technical assistance program.

Sec. 6303. Rural energy savings program.

Sec. 6304. Northern Border Regional Commission reauthorization.

Sec. 6305. Definition of rural area for purposes of the Housing Act of 1949.

Sec. 6306. Council on Rural Community Innovation and Economic Development.

Subtitle D—Additional Amendments to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act

Sec. 6401. Strategic economic and community development.

Sec. 6402. Expanding access to credit for rural communities.

Sec. 6403. Water, waste disposal, and wastewater facility grants.

Sec. 6404. Rural water and wastewater technical assistance and training programs.

Sec. 6405. Rural water and wastewater circuit rider program.

Sec. 6406. Tribal college and university essential community facilities.

Sec. 6407. Emergency and imminent community water assistance grant program.

Sec. 6408. Water systems for rural and native villages in Alaska.

Sec. 6409. Rural decentralized water systems.

Sec. 6410. Solid waste management grants.

Sec. 6411. Rural business development grants.

Sec. 6412. Rural cooperative development grants.

Sec. 6413. Locally or regionally produced agricultural food products.

Sec. 6414. Appropriate technology transfer for rural areas program.

Sec. 6415. Rural economic area partnership zones.

Sec. 6416. Intemediary relending program.

Sec. 6417. Access to information to verify income for participants in certain rural housing programs.

Sec. 6418. Providing for additional fees for guaranteed loans under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

Sec. 6419. Rural Business-Cooperative Service programs technical assistance and training.

Sec. 6420. National Rural Development Partnership.

Sec. 6421. Grants for NOAA weather radio transmitters.

Sec. 6422. Rural microentrepreneur assistance program.

Sec. 6423. Health care services.

Sec. 6424. Rural innovation stronger economy grant program.

Sec. 6425. Delta Regional Authority.

Sec. 6426. Rural business investment program.

Sec. 6427. Rural business investment program.

Subtitle E—Additional Amendments to the Rural Electrification Act of 1936

Sec. 6501. Amendments to section 2 of the Rural Electrification Act of 1936.

Sec. 6502. Loans for telephone service.

Sec. 6503. Cushion of credit payments program.

Sec. 6504. Extension of the rural economic development loan and grant program.

Sec. 6505. Guarantees for bonds and notes issued for electrification or telephone purposes.

Sec. 6506. Expansion of 911 access.

Sec. 6507. Cybersecurity and grid security improvements.

Subtitle F—Program Repeals

Sec. 6601. Elimination of unfunded programs.

Sec. 6602. Repeal of Rural Telephone Bank.

Sec. 6603. Amendments to LOCAL TV Act.

Subtitle G—Technical Corrections

Sec. 6701. Corrections relating to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

Sec. 6702. Corrections relating to the Rural Electrification Act of 1936.

Subtitle A—National Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act of 1977

Sec. 7101. Purposes of agricultural research, extension, and education.

Sec. 7102. Matters related to certain school designations and declarations.

Sec. 7103. National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board.

Sec. 7104. Specialty crop committee.

Sec. 7105. Renewable energy committee discontinued.

Sec. 7106. Veterinary services grant program.

Sec. 7107. Grants and fellowships for food and agriculture sciences education.

Sec. 7108. Agricultural and food policy research centers.

Sec. 7109. Education grants to Alaska Native serving institutions and Native Hawaiian serving institutions.

Sec. 7110. Next generation agriculture technology challenge.

Sec. 7111. Land-grant designation.

Sec. 7112. Nutrition education program.

Sec. 7113. Continuing animal health and disease research programs.

Sec. 7114. Carryover of funds for extension at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University.

Sec. 7115. Extension and agricultural research at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University.

Sec. 7116. Reports on disbursement of funds for agricultural research and extension at 1862 and 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University.

Sec. 7117. Scholarships for students at 1890 institutions.

Sec. 7118. Grants to upgrade agricultural and food sciences facilities at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University.

Sec. 7119. Grants to upgrade agriculture and food sciences facilities and equipment at insular area land-grant institutions.

Sec. 7120. New Beginning for Tribal Students.

Sec. 7121. Hispanic-serving institutions.

Sec. 7122. Binational agricultural research and development.

Sec. 7123. Partnerships to build capacity in international agricultural research, extension, and teaching.

Sec. 7124. Competitive grants for international agricultural science and education programs.

Sec. 7125. Limitation on indirect costs for agricultural research, education, and extension programs.

Sec. 7126. Research equipment grants.

Sec. 7127. University research.

Sec. 7128. Extension service.

Sec. 7129. Supplemental and alternative crops; hemp.

Sec. 7130. New Era Rural Technology program.

Sec. 7131. Capacity building grants for NLGCA Institutions.

Sec. 7132. Agriculture advanced research and development authority pilot.

Sec. 7133. Aquaculture assistance programs.

Sec. 7134. Rangeland research programs.

Sec. 7135. Special authorization for biosecurity planning and response.

Sec. 7136. Distance education and resident instruction grants program for insular area institutions of higher education.

Subtitle B—Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990

Sec. 7201. Best utilization of biological applications.

Sec. 7202. Integrated management systems.

Sec. 7203. Sustainable agriculture technology development and transfer program.

Sec. 7204. National training program.

Sec. 7205. National strategic germplasm and cultivar collection assessment and utilization plan.

Sec. 7206. National Genetics Resources Program.

Sec. 7207. National Agricultural Weather Information System.

Sec. 7208. Agricultural genome to phenome initiative.

Sec. 7209. High-priority research and extension initiatives.

Sec. 7210. Organic agriculture research and extension initiative.

Sec. 7211. Farm business management.

Sec. 7212. Urban, indoor, and other emerging agricultural production research, education, and extension initiative.

Sec. 7213. Centers of excellence at 1890 Institutions.

Sec. 7214. Clarification of veteran eligibility for assistive technology program for farmers with disabilities.

Sec. 7215. National Rural Information Center Clearinghouse.

Subtitle C—Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education Reform Act of 1998

Sec. 7301. National food safety training, education, extension, outreach, and technical assistance program.

Sec. 7302. Integrated research, education, and extension competitive grants program.

Sec. 7303. Support for research regarding diseases of wheat, triticale, and barley caused by Fusarium graminearum or by Tilletia indica.

Sec. 7304. Grants for youth organizations.

Sec. 7305. Specialty crop research initiative.

Sec. 7306. Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database program.

Sec. 7307. Office of Pest Management Policy.

Sec. 7308. Forestry products advanced utilization research.

Subtitle D—Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008


Sec. 7401. Agricultural biosecurity communication center.

Sec. 7402. Assistance to build local capacity in agricultural biosecurity planning, preparation, and response.

Sec. 7403. Research and development of agricultural countermeasures.

Sec. 7404. Agricultural biosecurity grant program.


Sec. 7411. Grazinglands research laboratory.

Sec. 7412. Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network.

Sec. 7413. Natural products research program.

Sec. 7414. Sun grant program.

Subtitle E—Amendments to Other Laws

Sec. 7501. Critical Agricultural Materials Act.

Sec. 7502. Equity in Educational Land-Grant Status Act of 1994.

Sec. 7503. Research Facilities Act.

Sec. 7504. Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.

Sec. 7505. Extension design and demonstration initiative.

Sec. 7506. Repeal of review of agricultural research service.

Sec. 7507. Biomass research and development.

Sec. 7508. Reinstatement of matching requirement for Federal funds used in extension work at the University of the District of Columbia.

Sec. 7509. Renewable Resources Extension Act of 1978.

Sec. 7510. National Aquaculture Act of 1980.

Sec. 7511. Federal agriculture research facilities.

Subtitle F—Other Matters

Sec. 7601. Enhanced use lease authority program.

Sec. 7602. Transfer of administrative jurisdiction over portion of Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, Maryland.

Sec. 7603. Foundation for food and agriculture research.

Sec. 7604. Assistance for forestry research under the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Act.

Sec. 7605. Legitimacy of industrial hemp research.

Sec. 7606. Collection of data relating to barley area planted and harvested.

Sec. 7607. Collection of data relating to the size and location of dairy farms.

Sec. 7608. Agriculture innovation center demonstration program.

Sec. 7609. Smith-Lever community extension program.

Sec. 7610. Mechanization and automation for specialty crops.

Sec. 7611. Experienced services program.

Sec. 7612. Simplified plan of work.

Sec. 7613. Review of land-grant time and effort reporting requirements.

Sec. 7614. Matching funds requirement.

Subtitle A—Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978

Sec. 8101. Support for State assessments and strategies for forest resources.

Sec. 8102. State and private forest landscape-scale restoration program.

Subtitle B—Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Research Act of 1978

Sec. 8201. Repeal of recycling research.

Sec. 8202. Repeal of forestry student grant program.

Subtitle C—Global Climate Change Prevention Act of 1990

Sec. 8301. Repeals relating to biomass.

Subtitle D—Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003

Sec. 8401. Promoting cross-boundary wildfire mitigation.

Sec. 8402. Authorization of appropriations for hazardous fuel reduction on Federal land.

Sec. 8403. Repeal of biomass commercial utilization grant program.

Sec. 8404. Water Source Protection Program.

Sec. 8405. Watershed Condition Framework.

Sec. 8406. Authorization of appropriations to combat insect infestations and related diseases.

Sec. 8407. Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 amendments.

Sec. 8408. Authorization of appropriations for designation of treatment areas.

Subtitle E—Repeal or reauthorization of miscellaneous forestry programs

Sec. 8501. Repeal of revision of strategic plan for forest inventory and analysis.

Sec. 8502. Semiarid agroforestry research center.

Sec. 8503. National Forest Foundation Act.

Sec. 8504. Conveyance of Forest Service administrative sites.

Subtitle F—Forest management

Sec. 8601. Definition of National Forest System.


Sec. 8611. Categorical exclusion for greater sage-grouse and mule deer habitat.


Sec. 8621. Additional authority for sale or exchange of small parcels of National Forest System land.

Sec. 8622. Forest Service participation in ACES program.

Sec. 8623. Authorization for lease of Forest Service sites.

Sec. 8624. Good neighbor authority.

Sec. 8625. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest land adjustment.

Sec. 8626. Tennessee wilderness.

Sec. 8627. Kisatchie National Forest land conveyance.

Sec. 8628. Purchase of Natural Resources Conservation Service property, Riverside County, California.

Sec. 8629. Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program.

Sec. 8630. Utility infrastructure rights-of-way vegetation management pilot program.

Sec. 8631. Okhissa Lake rural economic development land conveyance.

Sec. 8632. Remote sensing technologies.


Sec. 8641. Definitions.

Sec. 8642. Clarification of research and development program for wood building construction.

Sec. 8643. Wood innovation grant program.

Sec. 8644. Community wood energy and wood innovation program.

Subtitle G—Other matters

Sec. 8701. Rural revitalization technologies.

Sec. 8702. Resource Advisory Committees.

Sec. 8703. Tribal forest management demonstration project.

Sec. 8704. Technical corrections.

Sec. 8705. Streamlining the Forest Service process for consideration of communications facility location applications.

Sec. 8706. Report on wildfire, insect infestation, and disease prevention on Federal land.

Sec. 8707. West Fork Fire Station.

Sec. 8708. Competitive forestry, natural resources, and environmental grants program.


Sec. 9001. Definitions.

Sec. 9002. Biobased markets program.

Sec. 9003. Biorefinery assistance.

Sec. 9004. Repowering assistance program.

Sec. 9005. Bioenergy program for advanced biofuels.

Sec. 9006. Biodiesel fuel education program.

Sec. 9007. Rural Energy for America Program.

Sec. 9008. Rural Energy Self-Sufficiency Initiative.

Sec. 9009. Feedstock flexibility.

Sec. 9010. Biomass Crop Assistance Program.

Sec. 9011. Carbon utilization and biogas education program.


Sec. 10101. Specialty crops market news allocation.

Sec. 10102. Local agriculture market program.

Sec. 10103. Organic production and market data initiatives.

Sec. 10104. Organic certification.

Sec. 10105. National organic certification cost-share program.

Sec. 10106. Food safety education initiatives.

Sec. 10107. Specialty crop block grants.

Sec. 10108. Amendments to the Plant Variety Protection Act.

Sec. 10109. Multiple crop and pesticide use survey.

Sec. 10110. Report on the arrival in the United States of forest pests through restrictions on the importation of certain plants for planting.

Sec. 10111. Report on plant biostimulants.

Sec. 10112. Clarification of use of funds for technical assistance.

Sec. 10113. Hemp production.

Sec. 10114. Interstate commerce.

Sec. 10115. FIFRA interagency working group.

Sec. 10116. Study on methyl bromide use in response to an emergency event.


Sec. 11101. Definitions.

Sec. 11102. Data collection.

Sec. 11103. Sharing of records.

Sec. 11104. Use of resources.

Sec. 11105. Specialty crops.

Sec. 11106. Insurance period.

Sec. 11107. Cover crops.\

Sec. 11108. Underserved producers.

Sec. 11109. Treatment of forage and grazing.

Sec. 11110. Administrative basic fee.

Sec. 11111. Enterprise units.

Sec. 11112. Continued authority.

Sec. 11113. Submission of policies and materials to board.

Sec. 11114. Crop production on native sod.

Sec. 11115. Use of national agricultural statistics service data to combat waste, fraud, and abuse.

Sec. 11116. Submission of information to corporation.

Sec. 11117. Continuing education for loss adjusters and agents.

Sec. 11118. Program administration.

Sec. 11119. Agricultural commodity.

Sec. 11120. Maintenance of policies.

Sec. 11121. Reimbursement of research, development, and maintenance costs.

Sec. 11122. Research and development authority.

Sec. 11123. Funding for research and development.

Sec. 11124. Technical amendment to pilot programs.

Sec. 11125. Education and risk management assistance.

Sec. 11126. Repeal of cropland report annual updates.

Subtitle A—Livestock

Sec. 12101. Animal disease prevention and management.

Sec. 12102. Sheep production and marketing grant program.

Sec. 12103. Feasibility study on livestock dealer statutory trust.\

Sec. 12104. Definition of livestock.

Sec. 12105. National Aquatic Animal Health Plan.

Sec. 12106. Veterinary training.

Sec. 12107. Report on FSIS guidance and outreach to small meat processors.

Sec. 12108. Regional Cattle and Carcass Grading Correlation and Training Centers.

Subtitle B—Agriculture and Food Defense

Sec. 12201. Repeal of Office of Homeland Security.

Sec. 12202. Office of Homeland Security.

Sec. 12203. Agriculture and food defense.

Sec. 12204. Biological agents and toxins list.

Sec. 12205. Authorization of appropriations.

Subtitle C—Historically Underserved Producers

Sec. 12301. Farming opportunities training and outreach.

Sec. 12302. Urban agriculture.

Sec. 12303. Tribal Advisory Committee.

Sec. 12304. Beginning farmer and rancher coordination.

Sec. 12305. Agricultural youth organization coordinator.

Sec. 12306. Availability of Department of Agriculture programs for veteran farmers and ranchers.

Subtitle D—Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994 amendments

Sec. 12401. Office of Congressional Relations and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Sec. 12402. Military Veterans Agricultural Liaison.

Sec. 12403. Civil rights analyses.

Sec. 12404. Farm Service Agency.

Sec. 12405. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Production and Conservation.

Sec. 12406. Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement.

Sec. 12407. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Rural Development.

Sec. 12408. Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service.

Sec. 12409. Rural Health Liaison.

Sec. 12410. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Sec. 12411. Office of the Chief Scientist.

Sec. 12412. Appointment of national appeals division hearing officers.

Sec. 12413. Trade and foreign agricultural affairs.

Sec. 12414. Repeals.

Sec. 12415. Technical corrections.

Sec. 12416. Termination of authority.

Subtitle E—Other Miscellaneous Provisions


Sec. 12501. Acer access and development program.

Sec. 12502. Protecting animals with shelter.

Sec. 12503. Marketing orders.

Sec. 12504. Establishment of food loss and waste reduction liaison.

Sec. 12505. Report on business centers.

Sec. 12506. Report on personnel.

Sec. 12507. Report on absent landlords.

Sec. 12508. Century farms program.

Sec. 12509. Report on importation of live dogs.

Sec. 12510. Tribal Promise Zones.

Sec. 12511. Precision agriculture connectivity.

Sec. 12512. Improvements to United States Drought Monitor.

Sec. 12513. Dairy business innovation initiatives.

Sec. 12514. Report on funding for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and other extension programs.

Sec. 12515. Prohibition on slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption.

Sec. 12516. Labeling exemption for single ingredient foods and products.

Sec. 12517. South Carolina inclusion in Virginia/Carolina peanut producing region.

Sec. 12518. Forest Service hire authority.

Sec. 12519. Conversion authority.

Sec. 12520. Authorization of protection operations for the Secretary of Agriculture and others.


Sec. 12531. National oilheat research alliance.

Subtitle F—General Provisions

Sec. 12601. Baiting of migratory game birds.

Sec. 12602. Pima agriculture cotton trust fund.

Sec. 12603. Agriculture wool apparel manufacturers trust fund.

Sec. 12604. Wool research and promotion.

Sec. 12605. Emergency Citrus Disease Research and Development Trust Fund.

Sec. 12606. Extension of merchandise processing fees.

Sec. 12607. Reports on land access and farmland ownership data collection.

Sec. 12608. Reauthorization of rural emergency medical services training and equipment assistance program.

Sec. 12609. Commission on Farm Transitions—Needs for 2050.

Sec. 12610. Exceptions under United States Grain Standards Act.

Sec. 12611. Conference report requirement threshold.

Sec. 12612. National agriculture imagery program.

Sec. 12613. Report on inclusion of natural stone products in Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996.

Sec. 12614. Establishment of food access liaison.

Sec. 12615. Eligibility for operators on heirs property land to obtain a farm number.

Sec. 12616. Extending prohibition on animal fighting to the territories.

Sec. 12617. Exemption of exportation of certain echinoderms from permission and licensing requirements.

Sec. 12618. Data on conservation practices.

Sec. 12619. Conforming changes to Controlled Substances Act.