This page documents the many deceptions that Santa Rosa residents have faced with the Nexius/Verizon Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) project that is still proceeding in Santa Rosa, despite promises from the Santa Rosa City Council on 3/6/18 to pause this misguided project and pursue a proper public process that follows existing City of Santa Rosa Municipal Code.

List of Deceptions

  • Fraud in the Inducement of the 5/11/17 Master License Agreement between the City Santa Rosa and Verizon (coming)
  • 2/14/17: Misleading Presentation to City Council by Verizon Manager and Santa Rosa Chief Information Officer (coming)
  • 3/6/18: Ineffective Pause communicated by the Santa Rosa City Council (coming)
  • March 2018: Verizon/Nexius Refusal to adequately answer RF Microwave Radiation transmission radius questions (coming)
  • March 2018: Mistreatment of the public during So-Called “Community” meetings, hosted by Verizon/Nexius (coming)
  • March/April 2018: Work crews continually showing up without encroachment permits (coming)
  • March/April 2018: Work crews continually not implementing safe traffic plans(coming)
  • 4/18/18: Unsafe Conditions Reported Again on Brush Creek Road

On 4/18/18 @ 10:13 am, Eric [Santa Rosa Resident] wrote:

To: Massoud Saberian
Mike Reynolds

cc: Gabe Osburn Saberian
Vicki Egland
Vicki Chris Coursey

Re: IMPORTANT – Verizon cell tower vaults flooding and dangerous toxic batteries affecting storm drains

Dear Mr. Saberian & Mr. Reynolds,

I live at [address] and want to report several unsafe situations. Verizon for 6 months has ignored several unsafe construction conditions and installed a large cell battery vault box above grade box and another underground without giving proper notice. It floods there when it rains! I thought the city halted cell installations due to many many problems at a city council hearing? Verizon told me they would relocate it. They have not.

Nexius/Verizon seem to be proceeding with more deception again in a very unsafe manner by pushing their agenda on innocent property owners. See attached pictures from this morning. In addition, I want to call the city’s attention to unsafe toxic issues below that should require them to halt further installation:

  1. Unsafe toxic battery storage in a Verizon above ground vault. It floods constantly at my house from storm water there. The batteries are toxic and will endanger wild life and well water, etc. Brush Creek Road does not have any improved drainage infrastructure. It floods constantly. They have been pumping water out of there for 3 days! It’s really unsafe. Is this a CEQA matter?
  2. It’s unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles on Brush Creek Road! Someone can fall in. A car can veer off and crash into the batteries vault box!
  3. There is Verizon underground vault and has been flooded for months and they are now pumping storm water out of the underground vault onto the street. It is a safety hazard on the street. It’s on my property and made a complete mess everywhere on my driveway and obstructs my driveway. This is not ok by me at all!
  4. The large above ground vault obstructs my safe view triangle from my driveway. It’s really bad now with all that they are doing. They seem to be there all the time repairing something and it obstructs my safe exiting.
  5. The storm water and street obstruction is ongoing. Can you check to see if Verizon is compliant with what they are doing? PG&E is shutting power off April 25th to allow the cell tower connection. I don’t think the City of Santa Rosa gave Nexius/Verizon the OK to proceed during the 3/6/18 Santa Rosa City Council meeting.

Will you please assist?

Eric [Santa Rosa Resident]