Many Are Sleepwalking Into Acceptance of Surveillance States

. . . As Covid-19 Crackdowns Escalate Across the World

Through-Wall Person Identification Achieved By Comparing Wireless Surveillance Data to Video Footage

By Tyler Durden, Apr 7, 2020 | Original ZeroHedge article here.

All across the world, starting with China, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed for proliferation of surveillance states. More than 100 rights groups are warning that governments and corporations are partnering as a collaborative force to employ Big Data and increase widespread surveillance that threatens freedoms and privacy, reported Reuters.

Rasha Abdul Rahim, deputy director of Amnesty International’s tech division:

"The recent past has shown governments are reluctant to relinquish temporary surveillance powers. We must not sleepwalk into a permanent expanded surveillance state now."

At the moment, the surveillance tools are being used to mitigate the spread of the virus, tracing infections back to patient zero, monitoring social distancing, and enforcing lockdowns. However, the virus is likely a cover for pervasive snooping.

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UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Moved to Intensive Care

By Kate Devlin April 6, 2020 | Original Independent article here.

‘The condition of the prime minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved’, Downing Street confirms.


Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened, just hours after Downing Street insisted he was in good spirits and in control of the government’s response to the escalating crisis. The prime minister is understood to still be conscious and to have been moved as a precaution, in case he requires ventilation to aid his recovery. He was given oxygen to help his breathing before he went into the intensive care unit, sources said last night.

Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, has been asked to deputise for the prime minister “where necessary”. No 10 sources said that Mr Johnson remains the prime minister but that Mr Raab will lead on the day-to-day running of the response to the coronavirus crisis and other matters.

Mr Raab said that “the prime minister asked me as first secretary to deputise for him where necessary in driving forward the government’s plans to defeat coronavirus”.

Mr Johnson has been “receiving excellent care at St Thomas’s hospital,” Mr Raab added, “and we’d like to take this opportunity as a government to thank NHS staff up and down the country for all of their dedication, hard work and commitment in treating everyone who’s been affected by this awful virus”.

Downing Street spent most of Monday insisting Mr Johnson was still in charge of the government’s handling of the pandemic after he was admitted to hospital on Sunday night. No. 10 refuses to say whether Johnson was given oxygen in hospital. The decision to move Mr Johnson to intensive care was made by his doctors.

It is understood he was moved to an intensive care unit at around 7pm on Monday evening, and that cabinet ministers were informed of the deterioration in the prime minister’s condition in a phone call with Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary.

He was initially admitted to hospital on Sunday for tests after being unwell for more than a week. No 10 said on Sunday that Mr Johnson had been advised to go to hospital because his symptoms, which included a cough and a temperature, were persistent.

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WHO Medical Codes — Wha-a-a-t?

Key Links

Emergency use ICD codes for COVID-19 disease outbreak

The COVID-19 disease outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern.

  • In ICD-11, the code for the confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 is RA01.0 and the code for the clinical diagnosis (suspected or probable) of COVID-19 is RA01.1.
  • An emergency ICD-10 code of ‘U07.1 COVID-19, virus identified’ is assigned to a disease diagnosis of COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory testing.
  • An emergency ICD-10 code of ‘U07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified’ is assigned to a clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available.
  • Both U07.1 and U07.2 may be used for mortality coding as cause of death


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April Fool?

In the middle of a dubious “pandemic crisis” . . .

Apr 3, 2020: What the Main Stream Media is Not Reporting
Apr 3, 2020 Perspective: Mainstream media ignores facts and figures from other epidemics
Link to Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t!


. . . on April 1, 2020 — 119 days after releasing its this heinous FCC order, FCC 19-126/FCC-226: Changes to the Commission’s Rules Regarding Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields . . .

Our favorite April Fool, Mr. Ajit Pai, finally decided to publish said Order in the Federal Register on April’s Fools Day, April 1, 2020

  • Link to Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Reassessment of FCC Radiofrequency Exposure Limits and Policies
  • Printed version: PDF
  • Publication Date: 04/01/2020
  • Agency: Federal Communications Commission
  • Effective Date: 06/01/2020
  • Document Type: Rule
  • Document Citation: 85 FR 18131
  • Page: 18131-18151 (21 pages)
  • Permalink

The FCC Blinked

Adapted from an Apr 1, 2020 article | Original We are the Evidence article here

Under federal law, when lawsuits are submitted in different Federal Courts of Appeal against the same government agency’s decision, the cases are generally consolidated and transferred to one of the Courts. The venue is typically determined by a multi-jurisdictional panel via a lottery process. For the two lawsuits opposing FCC Order 19-126, the Environmental Health Trust filed their suit on Fri Jan 31, 2020 in the Federal DC Circuit Court of Appeals, while the Children’s Health Defense Fund filed their suit on Feb 2, 2020 in the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The FCC, apparently, devised a nefarious plan that would allow it to control timing and venue and even perhaps block judicial review, altogether. It purposefully delayed publication to prevent the lottery and push venue to the court it prefers – the DC Circuit – and potentially even obtain dismissal or a long delay until it finally got around to publishing notice. The FCC’s efforts to get the case out of the Ninth Circuit and before the DC Circuit strongly indicates FCC thinks it will do better there and would have a harder time defending the decision before the Ninth circuit.

On 2/12/2020 the FCC submitted a Motion to Transfer, asking the Ninth Circuit to transfer CHD’s case to the DC Circuit claiming that because EHT’s submitted the case two days before CHD, EHT has won a “race to the courthouse” and the cases should be heard in the DC Circuit Court. EHT submitted an Amicus Brief in support of the FCC motion to transfer our case to the DC circuit based on the same argument. CHD replied that the “race” never started because the “starting gun” (Federal Register publication) had never sounded, and, indeed, there was not supposed to be a race at all.

Scott McCollough, the attorney who leads CHD’s case together with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., saw through the FCC’s effort to game the rules, and quickly responded. CHD submitted a “Motion for Affirmative Relief and an Opposition to Motion to Transfer” on 2/18/20. CHD’s motion claimed the FCC was purposely withholding publication in the Federal Register. It further explained that under the courts’ procedural rules and statutes once Federal Register publication happens, petitioners have a 10 day window to invoke the lottery process. This means that where the cases should be heard should not be based on a “race to the courthouse.” The Motion states:

“The Motion to Transfer is the FCC’s opening move in a game of “gotcha.” If the FCC prevails on its motion the Commission will promptly reverse course, abandon its apparent contention before this Court that the “Order” is presently reviewable, and tell the D.C. Circuit that since there has been no Federal Register publication both cases are “premature” and must be dismissed. If the D.C. Circuit agrees the FCC will succeed in completely immunizing the “Order” from any review whatsoever until the FCC gets around to publishing notice, if it ever does so.”

The FCC obviously realized its gambit would not work, so it finally stopped trying to delay and went forward with publication. CHD’s efforts won the day. We forced the FCC to publish in the Register; prevented the FCC from being able to dismiss the cases claiming they are premature; and ensured that the proper process to set venue is used: a Multi-Jurisdictional panel lottery process (rather than the FCC) should now decide which court will hear CHD’s & EHT’s cases. The 4/1/20 publication means the two review petitions will soon be able to move forward to consideration on the merits.

House Democrats Blast EPA as Agency Suspends Monitoring

By Rebecca Beitsch – Mar 31, 2020 | Original The Hill article here.

House Democrats blast EPA as agency suspends monitoring amid coronavirus

Several House Democrats had harsh words for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) following an announcement it would suspend enforcement actions against companies who don’t monitor for pollution during the coronavirus outbreak.

Guidance released by the agency last week informed companies they would not face fines or other enforcement actions from the agency for failing to monitor and report their pollution.

Companies are expected to “comply with regulatory requirements, where reasonably practicable, and to return to compliance as quickly as possible,” the agency wrote in a release announcing the change, which is temporary, but has no set end date.

“This suspension of enforcement during the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis is irresponsible and neglects the Agency’s core mission to protect public health,” lawmakers in the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC) wrote in a letter spearheaded by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.).

Environmentalists have raised concerns that without monitoring, companies may emit a number of air and water pollutants with little consequence. Lawmakers pointed to air pollution emitted by the oil industry in particular, one of many industries that asked for a suspension of some environmental regulations during the pandemic.

Lawmakers wrote:

“The health impacts of these pollutants are well-established, and exposure is particularly dangerous for those with respiratory conditions. We are currently facing a severe respiratory pandemic, taking lives and hospitalizing thousands — at this moment, communities need more protections from toxic pollution, not less. Waiving environmental enforcement will only add to the severity of the COVID-19 crisis,”

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Real Virus Death Toll in Wuhan Could Be 12 Times Official Figure

By Nicole Hao Mar 29, 2020 | Original Epoch Times article here.

Note: The Epoch Times refers to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup and mismanagement allowed the virus to spread throughout China and create a global pandemic.

Information provided by residents at the epicenter of the CCP virus in Wuhan, China, indicates that the real death toll there could be over 32,000, which is 12.7 times the official figure.

The Hubei provincial health commission announced on March 23 that in the whole of Wuhan, 2,524 people had died of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei. Medical specialists’ reports in the Lancet and other magazines revealed that Chinese authorities have been lying about the virus outbreak since day one. The real situation in Wuhan and the whole of China has been covered up.

Recently, as the families of those who died of the virus were permitted to collect their relatives’ cremated remains from seven government-run funeral homes with crematoriums, a clearer idea of the true death toll began to emerge.

Wuhan Residents

Wuhan taxi driver Mr. Yin recently went to a local funeral home to retrieve his mother’s ashes.

His mother died on Feb. 1. He said his mother got a CT scan the day before she died. Doctors from three hospitals said that her lungs were infected severely with the CCP virus. However, the hospital wrote that she died of respiratory failure on her death certificate. Yin told the Chinese-language Epoch Times on March 28 that his mother’s body was sent to the funeral home from the hospital and cremated directly. He did not have a chance to see her one last time.

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How Surveillance and 5G Are Being Fast-Tracked Under the Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus

by Derrick Broze & Josh del Sol, Mar 28, 2020 | Original TBYP article here.

While much of the world has been focused on surviving a "pandemic", social distancing and quarantines, the proponents of mass surveillance and Densified 4G and 5G Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) have been scoring major gains. During this chaotic time it’s extremely important to take note of the advancements of legislation and political maneuvers which threaten our liberty and privacy.

On March 23, the 5G rollout progressed even further in the USA with President Donald Trump signing S.893, a bill aimed at “securing America’s 5G infrastructure.” The act, titled the Secure 5G and Beyond Act, calls for a comprehensive plan to securitize a national 5G grid in “not later than 180 days.”

President Trump signed another bill, S.1822, this week, the Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability (DATA) Act. Read more about these two bills here.

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Misfire at Gov. Newsom?

Children’s Health Defense, Moms Across America, 5G Free California should do more careful fact-checking before misquoting Gov. Newsom.

This petition
gets it right.

We can see fiber optic installations occurring around Northern CA schools this week, but (not yet, at least) installation of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) during the Covid-19 shutdown. Our schools — and the rest of us — can benefit from this new Fiber Optic goodness, but we have no need or desire to spray any of this broadband data through the air.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mar 23, 2020 Children’s Health Defense Instagram Post:

March 19th, Governor @gavinnewsom announced plans to use the quarantine to expand the deployment of wireless infrastructure in schools. This proposal opens the door for Big Telecom to deploy its deadly 5G infrastructure in all our public schools while we are all distracted by COVID-19.

Not exactly. As you can read in Newsom’s letter to Congress on Mar 19, 2020, Gov. Newsom calls for more broadband investment, but not solely for wireless:

"I am requesting additional funding in the following critical areas:

  • Funding for a major expansion of technology investments in our schools using the ESEA Title II-D Enhancing Education Technology authorization, which provides for both formula grants and competitive grants. The program is currently authorized at $1B but should be increased significantly.

  • Increased funding for Title I schools to address the high concentrations of poverty in these schools and the increased challenge of implementing on-line programs when many households lack broadband and other devices needed for on-line learning.

  • Increased funding for broadband upgrades to schools.

  • Increased funding for the Higher Education Act Teacher Quality Partnership Grants to prepare teachers for digital age learners.

  • Additional funding for USDA’s Child Nutrition Programs to address the modified programs schools are running during school closures."

Mar 23, 2020 Instagram post (continued):

Children’s Health Defense is launching a campaign together with Moms Across America and 5G Free California to ask Governor @gavinnewsom to reconsider this reckless project & protect our children’s health. As San Francisco Mayor,Gavin fought hand to hand combat against Telecom lobbyists and lawyers to pass and defend his ordinance requiring warnings on cell phones. He accused Telecom of using fraudulent Tobacco science and underhanded tactics to conceal the lethal perils of wireless radiation. Since then, the evidence of harm has become even more dispositive.

A 2019 Federal NTP study found “Clear Evidence” that cell radiation causes cancer and breaks DNA. In 2018 the CA Dept of Public Health published guidelines admitting that peer reviewed scientific studies links cell tower radiation to DNA damage, reproductive harms, cancer,learning disabilities & a long menu of other other grim injuries.

In 2014 the CA Medical Association passed a resolution calling on the FCC to update its health guidelines to reflect overwhelming evidence if profound harms. Every day families contact us with heartbreaking stories of children sickened by radiation from “small cells “in schools and near homes.

The Children’s Health Defense Lawsuit against the FCC includes Petitioners who are parents of CA children debilitated by cell towers in schools. Los Angeles teachers suffered disabling illnesses when LAUSD updated its WiFi systems. TODAY, WRITE Governor Newsom at Tell Newsom: Please Do Not Deploy 5G / Wireless Installations in Our Schools During Quarantine and Thereafter!

PLEASE cc CHD on your email:

City Update for March 26, 2020


As days turn to weeks, we continue to work tirelessly to bring you the most relevant, up-to-date information about the COVID-19 outbreak and how it is affecting life in Petaluma. In today’s update, we share the latest news on mortgage payment deferrals, school closures, the farmers market, the unsheltered population, eviction protocols and more. Thank you for being part of our amazing community! *Wondering why you’re receiving this? Read about our new daily updates.



Information available in the mainstream media about the COVID-19 pandemic is abundant and, often, overwhelming. In an effort to provide an anchor in the storm of data swirling around us, we’d like to share a wonderful resource brought to us by the County of Sonoma: the Sonoma County Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Dashboard.

Here you will find accurate, up-to-date information on COVID-19 with a focus on how it is impacting our local communities. Below are some data points we thought might be of interest to you today:

  • Current cases in California: 3,247
  • Current active cases in Sonoma County: 39
  • People that have recovered in Sonoma County: 4
  • Deaths in Sonoma County thus far: 1

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