What are 4G/5G . . .

. . . and those extreme-density 4G and 5G so-called “Small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs), that are, so rudely, being installed right outside your bedroom windows?

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Focus on Effective Radiated Power (ERP) and NEPA Review

Your City’s Hands are NOT Tied!

Cities Can Protect the Quiet Enjoyment of Streets (QES)

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Definition of Microwave Sickness

Original Merriam-Webster® link here.

a condition of impaired health . . . that is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation

Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Nov 19, 2018 Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable (0:00 to 7:30)

Verizon Officially Categorizes Considers Wireless Radiation as an Emmission/Pollutant for Which They Cannot Secure Insurance

Nov 19, 2018 Comments from Environmental Health Trust (0:00 to 5:55)
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Quite simply, 5G is an over-hyped bait and switch tactic by the Wireless Industry to deploy 4G/LTE so–called Small Cell cell phone towers everywhere. Small Cells are just a marketing/branding lie because Small Cells are full-power cell phone towers that the Industry wants to deploy much too close to people and other living organisms in residential neighborhoods — as close as 10-15 feet from 2nd story windows.

IEEE in Feb 2017:

Just imaging downloading an HD movie in under a second . . . 5G will be the foundation for [insert your favorite application here] . . . but what exactly is a 5G network? The truth is that experts can’t tell us what 5G actually is because they don’t even know yet . . . [followed by rampant speculation].

So, why is the FCC voting on regulations with NO CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE for a yet-to-be-defined technology?

Never underestimate the lobbying power of BIG TELECOM MONEY in Washington, DC or in our State Capitols, to execute the Republican/ALEC agenda in an era when MONEY = FREE SPEECH. We are witnessing a disaster that rapes and pillages the public interest to further enrich our already-obscenely-profitable and monopoly-power-drunk Telecom firms which are grabbing for all they can get during this short-lived Trump administration.

William Webb: The 5G Myth And why Consistent Connectivity is the Goal

Some have suggested that 5G will be whatever interesting developments happen from 2018 onwards. There is much political capital expended in claiming that 5G will be deployed early in a country. MNOs and Governments will simply claim from 2018 onwards that they have 5G even though all that has been deployed is evolved 4G. For all the debate, 5G could be a label, not a technology.

End users will be told that they now have 5G even though they have not changed their handsets nor received any improvements in service. Or alternatively, in the case where 5G is the label applied to the introduction of IoT, consumers may be told that 5G is not about their handset but about the ability to connect their devices. In the US, the term 5G might be applied to fixed wireless deployments, with “5G to the home:. Given the confusion around what 5G is, this second “label whatever we have as 5G: approach could be used in Europe and the US alongside the first “limited millimeter wave deployment” approach happening in Asia Pacific.

This is the chilling observation: these planning documents for the recently installed 4G Palo Alto Small cells, show that even though the RF/MW radiation calculations were made for 6 watts of input power, the actual input power for each small cell antenna is 300 to 500 Watts and the “associated equipment” power supply cabinet is 17.5 cubic feet — one for each antenna!

Similar documents for a 2017 Verizon 4G Small Cell deployment in Weston, MA state that each antenna outputs 1,257 Watts of Effective Radiated Power (ERP), a significant RF/MW radiation exposure. These military-grade RF/MW radiation exposures do not belong in residential zones not matter what over-the-rainbow promises are being made about 5G by those who wish to profit for 4G/5G Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installations everywhere.

As SB.649 contains no language for real-time monitoring of the levels of RF/MW radiation and no warning or detection systems if the RF/MW radiation reaches hazardous levels, then the equipment is already in place to easily increase the power input from 6 watts to 500 watts, which constitutes a Microwave Radiation weapon on every block in downtown Palo Alto — not unlike weapons the Federal Government has already designed and deployed.

Here is an actual, already designed and deployed actual millimeter wave application . . .

Military Ray Gun: Active Denial System, an Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon

The military exploits the fact that Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) is biolgicially active while the Wireless industry denies that RF/MW radiation is biologically active. Which one is lying?

  • 5G is a pipe-dream: it is not even close to being deployed at scale. The engineers understand this. 5G is the smoke screen/hype machine being used to sell this vision to the politicians.
  • This is actually a real-estate scheme: AT&T and Verizon want to invade CA neighborhoods and secure cut-rate, rent-controlled access to publicly-owned structures (utility poles, light poles, traffic lights, street signs) so they can expand their operations, at will, without regulation. AT&T and Verizon will install 4G/LTE today to make obscene profits now . . . and perhaps never upgrade it to 5G.

  • Have AT&T and Verizon behaved like this in the past? Sure. Read about their promises to upgrade the copper wireline networks with fiber-optic cables. After years of promises, and a fraudulent diversion of funds that they received to install the fiber-optic cables, they determined it would lower their costs and maximize their profits to use Wireless for broadband instead — even though Wireless broadband is hazardous, extremely energy-inefficent, much less secure and much less reliable than fiber-optic to the home.
  • The real goal is to secure a new source of revenue: cell phone subscriptions are a mature (but still very profitable business); now the Wireless companies want to steal market share from Comcast and other cable companies and charge for data by the gigabyte. How to best do this? Make timely donations to politicians’ local programs to get these politicians to do their bidding, like price-fixing the access price to publicly-owned property to install powerful two-way microwave transmitters 10-15 feet from second story windows in residential neighborhoods.
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