2019 Save the Internet Act, HR.1644

Communications & Technology Subcommittee Markup of Save the Internet Act of 2019

116th CONGRESS, 1st Session

H. R. 1644

To restore the open internet order of the Federal Communications Commission.

March 8, 2019

Mr. Michael F. Doyle of Pennsylvania (for himself, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Pallone, Mr. Welch, Mr. Tonko, Mr. McNerney, Mr. Doggett, Ms. Eshoo, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Veasey, Mr. Huffman, Mr. Beyer, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Sarbanes, Mrs. Davis of California, Ms. McCollum, Ms. Wild, Ms. Gabbard, Ms. Porter, Mr. Neal, Ms. Velázquez, Ms. Kaptur, Mr. Cisneros, Ms. Moore, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Neguse, Mr. Espaillat, Ms. Pingree, Mr. Garamendi, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Higgins of New York, Mrs. Dingell, Mrs. Trahan, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Serrano, Mr. Engel, Ms. DelBene, Ms. Waters, Ms. Omar, Ms. DeGette, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Rose of New York, Mr. Vela, Mrs. Axne, Mr. Courtney, Mr. Thompson of California, Mr. Kim, Mr. Sires, Mr. Pocan, Ms. Barragán, Ms. Jackson Lee, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Nadler, Mr. Malinowski, Ms. Haaland, Ms. Bonamici, Mr. Soto, Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York, Mr. Lowenthal, Ms. Castor of Florida, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pascrell, Ms. Clarke of New York, Mr. Price of North Carolina, Ms. Wilson of Florida, Ms. Lee of California, Mr. Langevin, Mr. Blumenauer, Ms. Matsui, Mr. Golden, Mr. Bishop of Georgia, Ms. Jayapal, Mr. Grijalva, Mr. Schiff, Mr. Krishnamoorthi, Mr. Case, Mr. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, Mrs. Lowey, Ms. Lofgren, Mrs. Watson Coleman, Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. McEachin, Ms. Underwood, Ms. Blunt Rochester, Mr. Swalwell of California, Mr. Larson of Connecticut, Ms. Hill of California, Mr. Kildee, Mr. Crist, Mr. DeFazio, Mr. Sablan, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Shalala, Mr. Delgado, Mr. Deutch, Mr. Levin of Michigan, Mr. Vargas, Mr. Luján, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Harder of California, Mr. Evans, Mr. Levin of California, Ms. Clark of Massachusetts, Mr. Rouda, Mr. Lamb, Ms. Roybal-Allard, Mr. Cox of California, Ms. Dean, Mr. Raskin, Ms. Meng, Mr. Sherman, Ms. Norton, Mr. Loebsack, Ms. Scanlon, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Smith of Washington, Mr. Keating, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, Mr. Rush, Ms. Speier, Mr. Morelle, Mr. Jeffries, Ms. DeLauro, Mr. Scott of Virginia, Mr. Clyburn, Mr. Trone, Mr. Yarmuth, Mr. Connolly, Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire, Mr. Gonzalez of Texas, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Takano, and Mr. Hoyer) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce


To restore the open internet order of the Federal Communications Commission.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the “Save the Internet Act of 2019”.

SEC. 2. Restoration of open internet order.

(a) Repeal of rule.

   (1) IN GENERAL.—The Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order, and Order in the matter of restoring internet freedom that was adopted by the Commission on December 14, 2017 (FCC 17–166), shall have no force or effect.

   (2) PROHIBITION ON REISSUED RULE OR NEW RULE.—The Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order, and Order described in paragraph (1) may not be reissued in substantially the same form, and a new rule that is substantially the same as such Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order, and Order may not be issued, unless the reissued or new rule is specifically authorized by a law enacted after the date of the enactment of this Act.

(b) Restoration of repealed and amended rules. — The following are restored as in effect on January 19, 2017:

   (1) The Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling, and Order in the matter of protecting and promoting the open internet that was adopted by the Commission on February 26, 2015 (FCC 15–24).

   (2) Part 8 of title 47, Code of Federal Regulations.

   (3) Any other rule of the Commission that was amended or repealed by the Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order, and Order described in subsection (a)(1).

(c) Definitions. — In this section:

   (1) COMMISSION. — The term “Commission” means the Federal Communications Commission.

   (2) RULE. — The term “rule” has the meaning given such term in section 804 of title 5, United States Code.