Point — Counterpoint on Densified 4G and 5G Infrastructure


September 28, 2018 White House 5G Summit


Sen. John Thune at 55:15 in the video:

"We have to ensure that Wireless providers have the infrastructure on which their systems depend. They must be able to deploy those networks in a reasonable and timely manner . . . Senator Schatz and I have a bipartisan bill in the Senate called the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act , which does reflect the hard work of stakeholders from across the country.

[The bill] is designed to eliminate the needless barriers to deployingf 5G . . . the STREAMLINE act will help Americans reap the benefits from 5G leadership. At the same time, [the bill] respects the important role that state and local governments play in deployment decisions.

I have to say to our colleagues at the FCC, that I am very pleased that the FCC has just taken an important step to modernize its regulations, consistent with the goals that are in the streamline Act."


Planned Verizon Cell Towers Are Hazardous and Are Not Necessary

Original Sonoma Index Tribune article here

Applications for ten powerful 4G and 5G cell towers — three in commercial zones (around 150 feet from homes), seven in residential zones (as close as 25 feet to homes) are being reviewed by Sonoma. These Close Proximity Microwave Radiating Antennas (CPMRAs), misleadingly called “Small Cells”, are targeting PG&E utility poles in the public rights-of-way and are unnecessarily large, ugly, obtrusive and hazardous.

On Thu, Nov 8th at 6:30 pm, the Planning Commission will review three applications for utility poles at 500 5th St. W, near Sonoma Market; 453 2nd St. W, near 7/11; and 574 1st St. W, near Sonoma Key Shop. There are residences near each of these poles. The seven applications for residential zones have been temporarily "frozen", but they could be "unfrozen" by March, 2019.

We are being told by wireless carriers that CPMRAs are needed in public rights-of-way, but they are not. Verizon itself says that 4G and 5G antennas can, instead, be installed on current macro towers (https://youtu.be/FwAsr1pC13Q), which is far better because CPMRAs within 500 feet of homes create hazards: reduced safety, privacy and property values (http://mystreetmychoice.com).

Many people are unaware that 4G and 5G Wireless technology has been inadequately tested for safety. Tens of thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies prove that exposures to wireless radiation causes neurological illness, DNA damage, heart problems, reduced fertility, melatonin and other hormone suppression and increased rates of cancer. It is therefore, not surprising that CPMRAs reduce property values. A homeowner in Sonoma is suffering a loss of $150,000 or more due to a planned cell tower only 28 feet from his house.

The harms from placing industrial equipment in residential areas are why Gov. Brown vetoed SB.649, the state’s Streamline Small Cell Bill, in October, 2017. CA Cities, including Monterey, Hillsborough, Mill Valley, Ross, San Anselmo, Petaluma and Sebastopol have already rebuffed Verizon and passed local wireless and zoning ordinances to protect their residents. Sonoma needs to do the same by no later than Oct 22, 2018 — before the FCC Report and Order, WT Docket 17-79, becomes official.

The FCC is attempting massive overreach to preempt nearly all local authority over the siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities, but the US Conference of Mayors has already written that "they will seek relief in federal court to overturn this unprecedented overreach by the FCC". The Federal bill to oppose is S 3157, "the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act", which has not yet passed, but would enable such FCC overreach. Write and call US Senators and House Members now!

It is, therefore, critically important that Sonoma residents make efforts — in a big way — right now, if you wish to protect your safety, privacy and property values. October is the key month. We need large numbers of Sonomans to show up at the Planning Commission and City Council meetings — this month. We need you to recruit neighbors and write/call Sonoma Council members, Planning Commissioners and city staff (see details: http://mystreetmychoice.com/sonoma.html).