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Strategic Broadband Expertise & Consulting

  • Feel free to use any material published on OTOC, MSMC or S4WT at no charge. As I learn new things, I post them to one of these three web sites.

  • Email to your tel, any details about your immediate needs and any questions you wish to ask; I can address these in an initial 30-minute telephone consultation for $50 pre-paid.

  • Strategic Consulting: Group training via Zoom: either a one-hour video conference for $300 pre-paid or a two-hour video conference for $500 pre-paid — each video conference can accommodate up to 100 attendees, so as low as $3–$5 per person.

  • Other consulting services include strategy, writing, training, web development, as well as consulting on the measurement/mitigation of pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR). These services are offered for karma-inspired donations. No contracts. No collections. Fair enough?

Honed from years of lobbying at the federal state and local levels, the founders of Our Town, Our Choice have secured vetoes of various ALEC-sponsored State “Small” Cell Streamline bills, (including CA SB.649) lobbied for effective Federal legislation (HR.530 and S.2012) and have assisted various law suits challenging recent FCC Orders. The work is summarized on various web properties:

  • Link to My Street, My Choice!
  • Link to Scientists for Wired Technology
  • Link to
  • Link to Responsible iPad
  • Link to Latest Efforts in San Francisco, CA
  • Link to WE-WANT-IT Ordinance/Bill (Written Evidence — Wireless Antenna Need Test In Telecommunications)

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