Elk Grove

From January, 2020

Nov 28, 2018 Elk Grove, CA City Council Meeting Highlights

Discussing the need for a revised 4G and 5G Wireless City Zoning Ordinance to protect the residential areas of Elk Grove, CA. The full event video is here.

Mark Graham Presentation (1:38:40 to 1:58:00)
Eric Windheim, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (3:02:23 to 3:07:40)
Mark Graham: Hammett & Edison’s Conflict of Interest (1:58:00 to 1:58:35)
Mark Graham: FCC RF-EMR Guideline is Not Protective (1:58:37 to 2:00:15)
Mark Graham: Electromagnetic Sensitivity to 4G RF-EMR Exposures (2:03:49 to 2:00:15)
Lawrence (Rusty) Monroe, Dispel Myths (3:29:07 to 3:35:15)
Mark Graham: Close (3:39:02 to 3:43:25)
City Council Delibration: (3:43:39 to 4:05:30)