Oakland Planning Commission Meetings

We Need Clarity of What is Happening With The Following Two Locations

The following image is a screen grab from the April 18 meeting agenda.

May 2, 2018 Planning Commission Consent Calendar Items

CONSENT CALENDAR The Commission will take a single roll call vote on all of the items listed below in this section. The vote will be on approval of the staff report and recommendation in each case. Members of the Commission may request that any item on the Consent Calendar be singled out for separate discussion and vote.

Item 1


Utility poles in public right-of-way adjacent to:

  • a) 2634 Coolidge Ave. — map; — (PLN18169; APN: 027-0875-001-00) Zoning: RM-3 Mixed Housing Type Residential; General Plan: Mixed Housing Type Residential; Council District: 5

  • b) 3800 International Blvd. — map — (PLN18170; APN: 033-2138-018-01); Zoning: CN-3 Neighborhood Commercial; General Plan: Neighborhood Center Mixed Use; Council District: 5

Submitted: 4/10/18


To consider requests for two (2) applications to install new "small cell site" Macro Telecommunications Facilities on existing utility by attaching an antenna and equipment mounted to the side of the pole.

Applicant / Phone Number:

Ms. Ana Gomez-Abarca 913 458-9148 / Black & Veatch


Extenet et al.

Planning Permits Required:

Regular Design Review with additional findings for Macro Telecommunications Facility in or near a Residential Zone

Environmental Determination:

  • Exempt, Section 15301 of the State CEQA Guidelines: Existing Facilities;
  • Exempt, Section 15302: Replacement or Reconstruction;
  • Exempt, Section 15303: New Construction of Small Structures,
  • Section 15183: Project is s Consistent with a Community Plan General Plan or Zoning

Historic Status:

Non-historic properties

Action to be Taken:

Decision based on staff report

Finality of Decision:

Appealable to City Council

For Further Information:

Contact case planner Aubrey Rose AICP at (510) 238-2071 or by email at arose@oaklandnet.com

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4