The following form will collect opinions and questions from Santa Rosa residents regarding the 4G/5G so-called “Small Cell” cell towers in Santa Rosa’s residential areas. Your survey results, comments and questions will be entered into the City of Santa Rosa public record.

Santa Rosa City Staff can (hopefully) address and answer your questions at the 12/10/19 Santa Rosa Study Session:

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Open Questions:

We appreciate accurate and complete information and are seeking accurate and complete answers tomorrow to the following questions:

  1. What is the radius of the circular RF Microwave radiation region from these Amphenol omnidirectional antennas at two elevations — at antenna height and at ground — from the source antenna to where the RF Microwave radiation signal degrades to -105 dBm at the following antenna power levels: at 100% (2,200 Watts), at 75% (1,650 Watts), at 50% (1,100 Watts), at 25% (550 Watts) and at at 10% (220 Watts)— at 20 feet to 2,000 feet in 20-foot increments?

  2. Will William Hammett, from Hammett & Edison please base his answers on actual RF Microwave radiation measurements of both peak and average RF Microwave radiation exposures from the actual Amphenol antennas being installed in Santa Rosa, and not just on theoretical values that are based only on average RF Microwave radiation exposures generated by Hammett’s proprietary spreadsheet calculations — which has been his modus operandi in many other communities, including Palo Alto, Monterey, Piedmont and others. As one can read here, we went head-to-head with William Hammet in Palo Alto: the peak RF Microwave radiation readings from 4G/5G so-called "Small Cell" cell towers installed in downtown Palo Alto are 100x to 1000x higher than the average RF Microwave radiation readings provided by Hammett.

  3. How can we best achieve a balancing of Verizon’s commercial goals with the City of Santa Rosa City Council’s constitutional duty to protect residents’ safety and privacy by ensuring that RF Microwave radiation exposures in residential zones do not exceed a level that provides five bars on a cell phone, which is -75 dBM?