Measuring and Shielding RF-EMR and EMF

Sept 3, 2020 — Scott Compton from EMF Warriors


Our September 2020 Monthly Meeting featured Scott Compton speaking on Measuring and Protecting/Shielding Against EMR/EMF.

Scott is an Electromagnetic Specialist, Health Coach, former biologist at Stanford University, writer of multiple books and blogs, and a creator of EMF Warriors. His company, Lifestyle Hygiene, is a great resource for investigating 5G sources, wireless, and other EMFs in homes and offices. He has specialized knowledge of frequencies, circadian biology, epigenetics, quantum mechanics, ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, cold thermogenesis, and the latest mitochondrial-related scientific literature. Scott lowers the EMFs in homes and offices with a great range of EMF meters and tools to diagnose environments. He also consults directly with doctors and scientists on the latest research findings. He measures Dirty Electricity (DE), RF/Microwave Frequencies, Electric and Magnetic fields (including sweeping fields across landscapes), and stray voltage. Scott is also an internet podcaster and an Influencer in scientific circles. This meeting was co-hosted by Julie Levine and Albina Molina, with additional commentary by Dafna Tachover, founder of We Are the Evidence and one of three attorneys (with Robert F Kennedy Jr and Scott MacCollough) representing Childrens Health Defense in their case against the FCC demanding an update to their lax “safety guidelines” to lower level restrictions of electromagnetic radiation that would be more protective of public health.