Senate Hearing: Race to 5G and Next Era Technology Innovation

Feb 6, 2019 –> G50 Dirksen –> Original announcement here.

Hearing Details:

  • Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • 10:00 a.m.
  • Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, will convene the first full committee hearing of the 116th Congress titled, “Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States.”

The exact start time of the hearing is contingent on the conclusion of an earlier and separate Commerce Committee business meeting that will be open to the public in the same hearing room. This hearing will focus on key steps to maintain U.S. global leadership in next-generation communications technology,spectrum needs to accelerate deployment, and new applications and services consumers can expect with 5G deployments. The hearing will also examine current efforts to modernize infrastructure siting policies and the security of 5G networks.

Chairman Roger Wicker

“The committee’s first hearing on 5G deployment and technology innovation will highlight an important issue not only to Mississippians, but to all Americans. Expanding broadband service and fostering innovation are top priorities of mine, and I look forward to continuing the committee’s efforts to close the digital divide in our nation and maintain U.S. leadership in 5G technology.”


  1. The Brad Gillen for Meredith Atwell Baker, President and CEO, CTIA
  2. Mr. Steve Berry, President and CEO, Competitive Carriers Association
  3. Mr. Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO, Intelligent Transportation Society of America
  4. Mr. Michael Wessel, Commissioner, U.S.-China Economic & Security Review Commission
  5. Ms. Kim Zentz, Chief Executive Officer, Urbanova

This hearing took place in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in G50.

Listen to the testimony and Q&A of the hearing here.

Sen. Blumenthal @ 2:04:35

. . . 5G, as you well know, also uses higher frequency waves that don't travel as far [as 3G/4G waves] and will rely on a network of hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions of small cell sites . . . And the question then is are there any health implications, any public safety implications to those additional sites that are likely to be located close to homes, schools, workplaces — and closer and closer to the ground. Correct?

Gillen, CTIA @ 2:05:09

Correct Senator, yes.

Sen. Blumenthal @ 2:05:12

'So, in December, 2018, I sent a letter to FCC Commissioner Carr, asking him to cite for me recent scientific studies demonstrating the safety of this [extreme density 4G and 5G] technology. What research has been done? Where has it been published and compiled? He has essentially failed to do so — and just echoed the general statements of the FDA, which shares regulatory responsibility for cell phones [and wireless infrastructure] with the FCC.

If you go to the FDA web site, [it is] pretty unsatisfactory. There basically is a cursory and superficial citation to existing scientific data saying 'the FDA has urged the cell phone industry to take a number of steps, including support additional research on possible biological effects of radio-frequency fields [and microwave radiation] for the types of signals emitted by cell phones' [and wireless infrastructure].

I believe that Americans deserve to know what the health effects are — not to prejudge what scientific studies may show — and they deserve also a commitment to do the research on outstanding questions.

So, my question for you, particularly Mr. Gillen and Mr. Berry, how much money has the [Wireless] Industry committed to support additional independent research — I stress independent research. Is that independent research on-going? Has any been completed? Where can consumers look for it? We are talking about the research on the biological effects of this new technology.

Gillen, CTIA @ 2:07:11

Thank you Senator . . .

. . . followed by a lot of empty words.

Sen. Blumenthal @ 2:07:40

So, essentially, the answer to my question — how much money? — zero."

Gillen, CTIA @ 2:07:47

Yes, zero.

Sen. Blumenthal @ 2:07:40

Anybody else know of industry commitments to back research, fund it support it — to ascertain, scientifically, the health effects.

Steve Berry, Competitive Carriers Association @ 2:08:09

Senator, I am not aware . . . with small cells especially, you are going to have lower power levels . . .

Really Mr. Berry? Evidence at this web page, proves otherwise: peak levels of Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) exposures at 100 feet from a so-called small cell at ground level (170,300 peak µW/m²) meters 53% higher than a similar meter reading at 300 feet from this macro tower (111,700 peak µW/m²), which is creating a public health crisis in Sebastopol, CA after nine years of RF-EMR exposures — something the FCC Commissioners were made aware of on Sept 25, 2018.

What has been the response to date from Crown Castle, AT&T or the FCC to correct this public health crisis since Sept 25, 2018? NOTHING . . . crickets . . . Bueller?

Sen. Blumenthal @ 2:08:36

So, there really is no research ongoing. We are kind of flying blind, here, as far as health and safety is concerned. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Sen. Wicker @ 2:18:54

"The testimony will end. Let me say this. There are a lot of interested parties that have participated in this . . . I want to add something to the record, in light of what Senator Blumenthal raised, just so we can have a complete record. [reading from a smart phone handed to him] I am told the National Cancer Institute has determined that Quote 'although many studies have examined the potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation, from radar, microwave ovens, cell phones and other sources, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk'

Audience Member @ 2:19:03

What about the National Toxicology Program study? The final results, released in Nov, 2018 show clear evidence of heart cancer.

Sen. Wicker @ 2:19:11
[Looking at the audience member to the right of the dais, a knowing smile of recognition appears on Sen. Wicker's face.]

. . . The hearing record will remain open for two weeks, no later than Wed Feb 20, 2019 by the close of business. This hearing is now adjourned.

Audience Member @ 2:20:13
[Audience member approaches Sen. Wicker from the right of the dias.]

Here Are Some Answers, Senator Blumenthal . . .

4G and 5G Cell Phone Tower Hazards Exposed

I am in the field . . . Seeing the Injured

Q: What do you do?

A: I am an Outside Plant Field Engineer. I perform a number of duties for the telecommunications industry. I install, replace, repair and test the antenna systems on top of cell towers . . . the real danger is what is coming off the antennas . . . my job is claimed to be the most dangerous job in the US . . . There are a lot of cancer episodes of the guys that have been around the industry for a while . . . we don't shut these antennas down when we work on them . . . My colleagues tell me they tasted foil in their mouth when they are working on them . . . for a lot of people out there, it just for their financial gain. It's all they are worried about.

Q: Are these cell towers endangering our lives?

A: Definitely. What's worse is when we mount these microwave transmitters on the corner of your buildings. We've got them mounted on hospitals, on apartment buildings and on banks. We've got these microwave transmitters mounted all over in these more densely populated cities. Those transmitters are on buildings. You can just about guarantee there are people working in other offices or living in apartments in direct line of these transmitters. That's where they are creating what the industry calls cancer alleys.

Q: Why would we have cell towers next to schools, churches and homes?

A: I don't know why they would want these towers anywhere near a school, church or home.

Q: You said it is a ground weapon defense system. Can you elaborate on that?

A: Definitely. A lot of the towers out there have antennas and transmitters up there that are doing a lot more than carrying your cell phone signals. They radiate harmful radiation at passive citizens — let alone towers that are designed to control crowds via the non-lethal defense system.This has been extensive since about 2005. It is all up and down the East coast, particularly around DC, Richmond, the hot spots around Virginia . . . They can render a body completely incapacitated through these frequency transmissions. They will turn them on and people will become completely disoriented, experience vertigo, become nauseous, lose control of all their bodily functions. You collapse to the ground and you remain there until the signal is shut off.

Q: Is the stuff you are working on on these towers all cell phone related?

A: No. There is plenty of equipment up there that is not cell related. On many towers there are LAN transmitters. They call it the Ground Wave Emergency Network. There's a lot that people are not aware of — how these towers are manipulating the Electromagnetic Field surrounding the earth. They have a range of duties that they will perform from these tower sites: controlling the weather, mood control and other things."

Q: Do you feel these towers are safe for the American people?

A: They definitely are not safe. They are physical hazards; the towers are falling down. They are structurally not designed to be carrying the amount of weight that we are eventually putting up there. A lot of these are older towers and they were not designed to have the this weight on them . . . A lot of these things are older towers. Just age and corrosion is bringing some of them down . . . there is probably at least one every day catching on fire. So, no, they are not safe — and that is not even mentioning the radiation that is being transmitted from these towers . . . many of these transmitters . . . are pointed toward areas where they are not supposed to be generating their signals.