Gov. Jerry Brown Can Save Us from a Wireless Disaster

Governor Brown, please help California by vetoing CA State Bill 649.

This post refutes the words written by SB.649 sponsor Sen. Ben Heuso in an 10/5/17 OpEd Piece in the Sacramento Bee, entitled Jerry Brown can help bring a wireless revolution. Below, we have annotated Sen. Hueso’s words with responses from Scentists for Wired Technology (‘S4WT’).

Hueso: Gov. Jerry Brown can bring the Wireless revolution to California by signing Senate Bill 649.

S4WT: Sorry, Sen. Heueso. The wireless revolution has already occurred over the last 25 years and coverage is already complete for 98% of the US population — including California. As we learned in 3/2/17 Federal testimony at the US Senate, "97.9% of Americans can choose from three newtwork operators [Wireless carriers] and 93.4% can choose from four [Wireless carriers] plus more than a dozen virtual [Wireless carriers]."

There is no need for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign SB.649 and many good reasons for Gov. Brown to veto SB.649 — which is an unjustified power grab by and an unnecessary subsidy for Telecom firms, including AT&T, Verizon/Frontier — firms enjoying the benefits of their ‘Public Utility’ status as Carriers of Last Resort (COLR), without completing the copper to fiber-optic upgrades that were promised and already financed by decades of fees on landline telephone bills. Instead, these firms are looting their regulated Wireline entities to enrich their unregulated Wireless entities and hurting the public good. This is corporate power run amok, and the FCC, State of CA and the CPUC are all enabling and abetting these actions.

Instead of gifts to these Telecom firms, the Governor can protect Californians by vetoing SB.649, and then directing his friend, Michael Picker — the friend that Brown appointed to the position of President of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2014 &mdash to order financial audits and investigations of these Telecomm firms.

Hueso: Telecommunications access is a necessity in the modern world, so much so that governments around the world pay to subsidize wireless deployment.

S4WT: Telecommunications access (by Wireline) has been a necessity since the invention of the telegraph and the telephone — and still is because, unlike Wireless, only Wireline telephones reliably provide 911 automatic address detection and actually work in extended power outages caused by emergency disasters, like the devastating California fires that spread far and wide to over 190,000 acres since 10/8/17 — instantly crippling the fragile, Wireless cellular telephone network . . . while Wireless copper and fiber-optic cables, buried in the ground continued to operate during the disaster.

How Many Pizza Boxes Does It Take?

How many pizza boxes does it take to equal the volume of one so-called "Small Cell" two-way microwave transmitter installation? (Hint: a lot of them.)

Let’s put to rest a prevalent marketing/branding lie – "Small Cells are the size of a pizza box" — repeated by the CTIA, Wireless Carriers, and legislators. Here is the evidence for this hard-to-believe-it-would-ever-work attempt to "fool all of the people all the time".

First, here are some actual pizza boxes:

Domino’s Extra Large: 16.25 in. x 16.25 in. x 2.00 in. = 0.30 cubic feet

Domino’s Small: 10.25 in. x 10.25 in. x 1.75 in. = 0.10 cubic feet

Second, this was said in the US Senate on 3/2/17:

Scott Bergmann, VP, CTIA – The Wireless Association in his 3/2/2017 Testimony to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation:

"Right now today there are challenges both with the local zoning process and, as you mentioned, with federal agencies, so we would certainly appreciate this committee’s attention to finding opportunities to right size that process so that we exclude small cells where appropriate that are the size of a pizza box or a lunch box. I don’t think anyone thinks it’s a process that applies to a 200-foot tower should apply, when you are putting a lunch box on top of an existing building."

And again in the CA Senate on 4/4/17:

CA Senator Ben Hueso reading a CTIA-provided script, written by lawyers and lobbyists from ALEC in his 4/4/17 testimony to the CA Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee:

"Building the wireless network of tomorrow requires the rapid deployment of small cell [structures] often no larger than a pizza box — and that’s a small pizza box [audience laughter] and you can see it here [more audience laughter]. We brought an example of one.

. . . Which was the only demo prop that Vice Chair Morrell allowed into the 4/4/17 CA Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Hearing on SB.649; the demo prop brought by Opposition (shown below) was not allowed — an obvious act of discrimination.

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2017 FCC Wireless Competition Report

The tanks are rolling forward, over all of us . . . and nobody in the Federal, State and Local governments care. It’s business as usual: if we spin the same fables and self-serving narratives over and over, the people will just believe/accept them.

Ajit Pai, acting FCC Chairman, on-camera, at an FCC open meeting news conference —
hiding behind a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cup.

Of course, Bruce Kushnick, contributing to the Huffington Post, once again, has the best data and analysis to explain what is really going on here: propaganda from an obviously Captured Agency

The FCC released the "Twentieth Annual Report and Analysis of Competitive Market Conditions with Respect to Mobile Wireless"; a propaganda piece on Wireless competition in America to help AT&T and Verizon. As we will discuss, the statistics and presentation are based on a questionable manipulation of the facts, or more importantly, it is the omission of basic information that is the real problem.

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Piedmont, CA: Verizon Cell Tower Catastrophe in These Idyllic Neighborhoods

If you are not familiar with Piedmont, CA, it is a lovely family-oriented community nestled in the Oakland hills. It is is only 1.7 square miles and contains 11,000 residents who moved there for the great schools and the jewel of the community: Piedmont Park, which is adjacent to the Elementary, Middle and High Schools has the city’s great Piedmont Sports Field (Witter Field) used for organized baseball, football, and soccer.

The city of Piedmont is basically an island, surrounded not by water, but by the City of Oakland, a host to many Verizon cell phone towers that adequately serve the area. At present, there are no Verizon cell towers in Piedmont, but that’s not a problem, because Verizon Wireless customers who live in or travel to Piedmont have adequate cellular coverage for making calls and texts whenever and wherever they want — connecting to the Verizon cell towers already installed in adjacent communities.

The following video is substantial evidence that there is no significant gap in Verizon Wireless Coverage for making calls and text in the residential areas of Piedmont, CA where Crown Castle and Verizon wish to install nine full-power cell towers at the height of second story bedroom windows. Therefore, the Piedmont City Council must defend the CA Constitution and protect their residents by denying all nine of these Crown Castle/Verizon Residential Cell Tower applications. We prepared and delivered substantial testimony to the Piedmont City Council on Mon 10/2/17 (video here).

We applied the correction factor for high-speed, pulsed, digital microwaves from CDMA and 4G/LTE, per the GigaHertz Solutions’ product manual and product video.

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Governor Brown, Listen to Scientists and Veto SB.649

The National Toxicology Program conducted a seminal $25 million 16-year study on rats and mice on health hazards from wireless, pulsed, data-modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF/MW radiation). The NTP released a report on important study findings on May 27, 2016. The report is available at

Most importantly, the complete results from all the rat and mice studies will be available for peer review and public comment by early 2018. PLEASE HALT all consideration of SB.649 or similar CA legislation, until the NTP releases its findings next year, so the CA Legislators can complete the due diligence on RF/MW radiation exposures before passing legislation which increases RF/MW radiation exposures millions of times where Californians live, work and play.

The Obvious and Common Sense Solution: Fiber-Optic to Every Home and Business

Fiber-optic cables to every home and business is the obvious answer for California: faster speeds (1,000 megabit-per-second) with much higher security and reliablility compared to wireless and without of the many RF/MW radiation hazards from wireless downloads of large data payloads, such as 4k videos — the very goal of the fixed wireless 5G tests at 28GHz (Verizon) and 37 GHz (AT&T). Any Governor who wants to establish a legacy of facing the challenges of climate change with forward-looking legislation, must recognize that moving data from any Point A to any Point B is thousands of times more energy-efficient via fiber-optic cables than via wireless — the latter sprays electrical energy into the air to deliver huge data payloads repeatedly and redundantly because the receiving antennas are only able to catch a small fraction of the RF/MW radiation sprayed into the air — the rest is toxic waste.

Many Scientists Have Written About How Hazards of SB.649 are Not Worth the Benefits

Key Findings from the May 27, 2016 report from a paper presented at annual meeting of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society, Raleigh, North Carolina, September 9-13, 2017:

May 19, 1999 — William T. Allaban, Ph.D., FDA Liaison to the NTP:

"On behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I am nominating the following chemicals/agents to the National Toxicological Program: 1) Centerfor Device and Radiological Health (CDRH) – Radio Frequency Radiation Emissions of Wireless Communication Devices with a high priority;"

  • These are the largest, most complex toxicology studies ever conducted by the National Toxicological Program.

  • For the studies, rats and mice were exposed to frequencies and modulations currently used in cellular communications in the United States. The rodents were exposed for 10-minute on, 10-minute off increments, totaling just over 9 hours a day from before birth through 2 years of age.

  • NTP found brain tumors (glioblastoms) and heart tumors (schwannomas), DNA damage and pre-tumors (hyperlplasias) in test rats, but not in control rats,

  • NTP has provided these findings to its federal regulatory partners to enable them to have the latest information for public health guidance about safe ways to use cellular telephones and other radiofrequency radiation emitting devices.

CA Mayors Oppose SB.649

Veto of Cell Antenna Bill, SB.649, Urged By Five California Mayors

September 22, 2017
by Dominic Fracassa, San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.
Twitter: @dominicfracassa

The mayors of five California cities — San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Oakland and Bakersfield — urged Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday in a letter to veto a bill that would shift much of the power to regulate the placement of wireless communication equipment from local municipalities to the state.

Senate Bill No. 649 (SB.649), introduced by Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, establishes a uniform set of rules that cities and towns would have to follow when considering a company’s request to install small-cell devices — compact antennas usually affixed to street lights and telephone poles [that also include refrigerator-size ancillary equipment boxes on the sidewalk next to every pole with an antenna].

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Verizon FiOS Deployment In Boston Is Fiber-To-The-BS

by Bruce Kushnick 09/20/2017 03:03 pm ET

Link to the original article, as it appears at the Huffington Post

FTTBS: Fiber-To-The-Bait-&-Switch

In April 2016, Verizon told Boston it was going to be spending $300 million to deploy FiOS, their wireline Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) service, to the entire city over the next six years. Unfortunately, what Verizon’s CEO told investors on September 13th, 2017, shows it has deceived the citizens of Boston and harmed Massachusetts.

Lowell McAdam, CEO Verizon Communications, speaking at the Goldman, Sachs 26th Communacopia Conference on September 13th, 2017 stated it will be substituting wireless for fiber-optic to the home (commonly called “the last mile”). And they are doing this throughout the East Coast.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon Communications CEO:

“Well, I think that’s where 5G and over-the-top come in because even in the markets where we have our FiOS footprint from Washington to Boston, the preferred method, the preferred architecture for us is going to be that last mile being 5G. So whether we offer a linear package or we offer an over-the-top package, look, the numbers all show that over-the-top is gaining ground and the 300 channel bundle is under a solitaire. (typo) So I may have been premature when I was up here a couple of years ago saying that but I still see it that way and I think the point for our investors is, we’re building the network that doesn’t care. If you can get broadband I don’t care whether the customer goes over-the-top or buys a linear package, and we’ll be able to provide either one to him.”

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Environmentally Induced Ilnesses

Almost a Quarter of All Disease Is Caused By Environmental Exposures

16 JUNE 2006 | Geneva —

As much as 24% of global disease is caused by environmental exposures which can be averted. Well-targeted interventions can prevent much of these environmental hazards, the World Health Organization (WHO) demonstrates in a report issued today. The report further estimates that more than 33% of disease in children under the age of 5 is caused by environmental exposures. Preventing environmental hazards could save as many as four million lives a year in children alone . . .

The report, Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments . . . breaks new ground in understanding the interactions between environment and health. The estimate reflects how much death, illness and disability could be realistically avoided every year as a result of better environmental management.

Dr Anders Nordström, Acting WHO Director-General states:

"We have always known that the environment influences health very profoundly, but these estimates are the best to date. This will help us to demonstrate that wise investment to create a supportive environment can be a successful strategy in improving health and achieving development that is sustainable."

. . . Dr Maria Neira, Director of WHO’s Department for Public Health and Environment states:

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