The Wet Blanket of 4G and 5G Wireless Densification

The Wet Blanket of 4G and 5G Wireless Densification

By CRISTIANO LIMA, Oct 15 2018; Original Politco article here.

Mayor Paul Tenhaken
City of Sioux Falls
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TJ Nelson
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Jill Franken

He mentions Senate Commerce Field hearing at around 1 min 30 secs in the video.

During Senate Commerce’s Friday, October 12 field hearing in South Dakota on 5G wireless technology, Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken raised what he called “the wet blanket” of the coming wide-scale deployment:

TenHaken told Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-SD):

"I feel we also need to address . . . what health impacts micro millimeter waves have because it’s so new. I’m going to get asked this 20 times yet this evening about the health ramifications of 5G . . . I’m hearing this more and more.”

Although TenHaken considers such concern inflated, local governments will need clear direction, talking points, studies to support the wireless efforts with a clear conscience, the mayor argued.

Thune acknowledged we hear about it, too, and turned to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, another witness. The FCC and other federal agencies reached the determination that these are safe, Carr affirmed. That is a determination that is constantly undergoing review. He also said that given this position, federal law prevents state and local governments from taking these radio frequency concerns into account.