Wireless Radiation Killing Monarch Butterflies

By Nina Beety Jan 19, 2018 | Monterey Herald Letter to Editor here.

The Jan. 7 and Jan. 18 monarch butterfly articles in the Monterey Herald omitted microwave radiation impacts — cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, cellphones, radar.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg told Michigan legislators in October,

“Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period. These effects are seen in all life forms: plants, animals, insects, microbes.”

Last year, European agency EKLIPSE reviewed wildlife impacts and Newsweek reported:

“Technology is quite literally destroying nature. Radiation from cell phones, WiFi are hurting the birds and the bees.”

Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin published “Wireless Silent Spring” on the similarities of pesticides and wireless radiation exposure.

AT&T cell towers have microwaved the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary for eight years. Infertility and disorientation are known impacts. The latest butterfly count is 625 (Jan. 12), not 800. Going, going, gone?

LTE means Long Term Extinction. The monarchs, the bees and the birds are the canaries. Will the Herald continue to protect the Telecom industry and sacrifice monarch butterflies, bees, trees, birds, children, and our future?

Turning off the AT&T cell towers at the PG Monarch Sanctuary is a necessary first step to helping the monarchs locally.

Who will do it?