24 GHz Auction Raises Nearly $300 Million in Round One

$284,144,450 in Round One Gross Bids of 24 GHz spectrum

Inside Towers, March 15, 2019 | Original article here.

The first round of the nation’s second-ever millimeter wave spectrum auction ended yesterday afternoon. The auction resumes today at 10 a.m. EDT.

The total amount of provisionally accepted bids on spectrum licenses at the end of round one was $284,144,450. That compares to $36,428,510 in provisional bids for round one in the previous auction of 28 GHz spectrum.

Licenses in New York City generated the highest bids at $5,047,000 each, followed Los Angeles, which generated bids at $3,882,000 each. Licenses in Chicago generated bids at $1,873,000 each.

Auction 102 offers 2,909 licenses in the 24 GHz band. The lower segment of the 24 GHz band (24.25–24.45 GHz) will be licensed as two, 100-megahertz blocks, and the upper segment (24.75–25.25 GHz) will be licensed as five, 100-megahertz blocks.