FCC Seeks Comments on Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) Exposure Guidelines


  • Ajit Pai shared with his colleagues on Aug 9, 2019 a proposal that would continue to maintain the Commission’s existing radio-frequency (RF) exposure limits.

  • The Commission seeks comment on establishing rules formalizing its existing methods of determining compliance with the RF exposure standard for high-frequency devices.

An excellent response to this press release was posted by Joel Moskowitz, PhD.

Link to Part I: Why We Need Stronger Cell Phone Radiation Regulations–Key Testimony Submitted to the FCC

[The FCC’s] assertions do not reflect the state of the scientific literature regarding RF health effects, nor do they adequately reflect the public comment received by the FCC over the past six years regarding RF exposure limits for Proceeding Number 13-84.

The FCC has no health expertise and relies upon Federal health agencies, especially the FDA, for advice about RF exposure limits. However, these agencies have lacked the requisite expertise to provide this guidance as their RF health experts retired or took industry jobs. In the past decade, these agencies have failed to monitor the vast and growing body of peer-reviewed research that documents adverse health effects from low-intensity exposure to radio-frequency radiation. Rather, the Federal government has increasingly relied upon advice from engineers and scientists with conflicts of interest and industry lobbyists.