Beverly Hills City Council Discuses Health Hazards of 4G/5G Wireless Networks

by Dafna Tachover, October 3, 2019| Original Beverly Hills Weekly article here, on p. 2.

I was invited to give a short presentation on 5G and Wireless Technology health effects to the Beverly Hill’s City Council. 70 years of science, including thousands of studies showing clear evidence of harm, the human evidence and the evidence of fraud, cannot be conveyed in 15 minutes. As an experienced telecommunication and computers’ officer who understands the technology, as an attorney trained to evaluate evidence, and has actually litigated this issue in the Israeli Supreme Court, and as an advocate who is working daily with adults and many children who have become sick, there is no doubt — the evidence of negative health consequences from wireless technology, including from cell phones, Wi-Fi, wireless “smart” utility meters and cell towers is conclusive.

Nothing has changed in our way of life in the past 35 years as drastically as the adoption of wireless technology. Adverse changes in human, animal, and plant health have been occurring dramatically over the same time frame, but the obvious correlation and the evidence have been ignored.

The public is being misled to believe that wireless technology, which emits microwave radiation, is safe and that there is “no evidence” it is harmful. According to the “safety” guidelines adopted by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in 1996, Radio and Microwave frequencies used for wireless technology, are harmful only if they create a temperature change in tissue. This is known as the thermal effect. These pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) exposure guidelines were already obsolete the day they were adopted. The non-thermal harm is scientifically proven including by studies of the US government.

Most recently, on November 1, 2018, the final report of the Federal Government National Toxicology Program (NTP), the government expert agency on toxins, was published. The $30 million 19-year study found CLEAR EVIDENCE that this radiation causes brain cancer, heart cancer and breaks in DNA. This study confirmed what other studies already showed decades ago including reports and studies by the Navy, Air-Force, NASA, and the EPA which recognized and documented the profound adverse biological effects of wireless technology at levels of RF-EMR exposure well below that which would cause tissue heating.

The NIEHS/NTP study on wireless radiation should have been a game changer and put a halt to further deployment of wireless technology. The NTP scientists said that the public should be informed. Instead, The FCC has been fast-tracking the deployment of densifed 4G + 5G, using Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs), which are falsely branded by the Wireless industry as "Small Cells."

Densified 4G + 5G is the infrastructure for the internet of things and is intended to wirelessly connect 20 billion more devices and for that purpose, deploy 800,000 more cell towers and launch 20,000 satellites — all of which will exponentially increase our exposure to this harmful RF-EMR.

The deployment of the 800,000 new 4G + 5G so-called “small cell" antennas on utility poles near homes (a projection by the CTIA) has begun and is progressing quickly. Most of these antennas are just 4G and some will use both 4G and 5G technology, including some with millimeter wave frequencies. Studies show profound adverse biological effects from millimeter wave exposures. Federal laws and FCC regulations have aided this forced deployment by attempting to remove barriers to expansion into the public rights of ways.

These antennas are being forced on residents within a few feet of their homes without their informed consent, and they are being prevented from effectively objecting from their installation on any grounds, including negative health consequences.

These antennas may be smaller but due to their proximity to homes, they increase the levels of radiation on our streets by thousands of times. Families who have had these so-called “small cell” antennas installed near their homes are becoming sick, sometimes within days after they are installed. There is a reason why insurance companies refuse to insure the wireless carriers, agents or any other companies against adverse health effects from RF-EMR exposures.

If you don’t want to wake up in the morning and have a 4G + 5G cell tower a few feet from your child’s bedroom window, it is time to become informed and help our efforts to get US cities and states to just say no to the FCC and 4G + 5G densification.