Densified 4G/5G Now is Also a Democratic Problem

100 Municipalities of Italy are Officially Stopping Densified 4G/5G

by Maurizio Martucci Dec 10, 2019 | Original oasisana English translation here.


A small Italian miracle in defense of public health. Just nine months after the approval of the Vicovaro Resolution in the consensus of the 1st Stop 5G national meeting promoted on 2 March 2019 by the Italian Alliance Stop 5G, today 100 Italian Municipalities are officially stopping densified 4G/5G . Before Vicovaro the void, in the local administrations of the fifth generation wireless tsunami was not discussed at all, completely ignored the risk, while now – less than 300 days from the first historic event – a rising tide of awareness in claiming a right sanctioned in Article 32 of the Constitution, recalling the European precautionary principle, spreads relentlessly from the Valle d’Aosta to Sicily , from the province of Bolzano to that of Caltanissetta and Nuoro , passing through the cities of Rome (Municipio XII), Turin, Catania, Florence and Bologna . And we’re just beginning.

In rapid sequence, measures for the precaution and the moratorium were approved, motions and resolutions of the council and city council, agendas, technical suspensions and regulations with denial to the installation of the Internet of things , amendments with budget allocation for independent scientific research , but above all urgent and contingent ordinances issued by the Mayors as the highest health authority in the territory: in many documents, the Vicovaro Resolution is explicitly mentioned and cited, as well as the hearings in the parliamentary committee of the doctors of ISDE Italia and of the scientists of the Ramazzini Institute. There is a recognition of the immense work done by every member of the alliance that is united in the same direction.

Through the official website, the Italian Alliance Stop 5G announces the complete list of the first 100 municipalities for the prevention of electrosmog damage , a unique result in Europe , achieved thanks to the widespread action carried out by the bottom among the local authorities, from the National Association of Small Italian Municipalities , by knowledgeable citizens, by the countless signatures collected , by joint demonstrations, but also by organizations, committees and independent associations, an extraordinary result achieved above all thanks to the sensitivity and tenacity of courageous, commendable Mayors, town councilors and councilors , majority and opposition, of any party position.

Let me be clear: the partial data of the first 100 is the result of an aggregate based on a heterogeneous and diversified approach, centered on the unanimous denunciation of the risks for the environment and humanity deriving from densfied 4G and 5G. Because every motion has a story of its own, a different procedure from the other, and different content.

There are urgent and contingent union orders, that is the issuing of a decision taken by the first citizen, responsible for the social-health protection in the administered territory . The union ordinance, administrative jurisprudence in hand, is in fact is an instrument capable of stopping 5G. But it must be motivated, well-educated by the technical office, accompanied by sufficient probative elements capable of holding up in a possible appeal to the administrative judiciary which could obviously be used by those who have diverging legitimate interests with respect to the exclusive line inspired by the principle of precaution.

The data is important: if **100 administrations have expressed doubts and opposition to 5G due to the precaution, only 13 instead are those where they are experimenting with approval and endorsement of risk-denial mayors, with “ both public and private projects (24% dedicated to public safety, 20% to issues related to smart cities) ” . Emblematic the numbers of the democratic detachment in progress, between **Comuni Stop 5G (100) and Comuni Pro 5G (13), highlighted in the double graphic of the Net.Consulting opposite to that for the moratorium diffused by the alliance.

One by one, here is the complete list of the top 100 Italian Municipalities officially Stop Densified 4G/5G , which now makes a real democracy problem of the dark side of Biga Data : the Government can no longer continue to ignore negative health consequences from wireless . For all of them, the appointment is then on January 25th 2020 to go down again in the squares, joining the first world event Stop 5G.



  1. Municipality of Alife (Caserta) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  2. Municipality of Arco (Trento) MOTION APPROVED
  3. Municipality of Amorosi (Benevento) RESOLVES APPROVED
  4. Municipality of Avolasca (Alessandria) RESOLVES APPROVED
  5. Municipality of Baceno (Verbania-Cusio-Ossola) RESOLVED APPROVED
  6. Municipality of Belluno AGENDA AGENDA APPROVED
  7. Municipality of Bologna AGENDA AGENDA APPROVED
  8. Municipality of Bronzolo (Bolzano) RESOLVED APPROVED
  9. Municipality of Calderara di Reno (Bologna) MOTION APPROVED
  10. Municipality of Camponogara (Venice) MOTION APPROVED
  11. Municipality of Capistrano (Vibo Valentia) MOTION APPROVED
  12. Municipality of Capriati in Volturno (Caserta) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  13. Municipality of Cassano delle Murge (Bari) RESOLUTION AND APPROVED MOTION
  14. Municipality of Castano Primo (Milan) RESOLVES APPROVED
  15. Municipality of Castello D’Agogna (Pavia) RESOLUTION APPROVED
  16. Municipality of Catania MOTION APPROVED
  17. Municipality of Chieti REGULATION APPROVED WITH DENIAL TO 5G
  18. Municipality of Cinto Euganeo (Padua) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  19. Municipality of Città di Castello (Perugia) MOTION APPROVED
  20. Municipality of Città S. Angelo (Pescara) APPROVED REGULATION VARIANT
  21. Municipality of Cervaro (Frosinone) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  22. Municipality of Conca Casale (Isernia) MOTION APPROVED
  23. Municipality of Cuneo AGENDA OF THE AGREEMENT APPROVED
  24. Municipality of Durazzano (Benevento) MOTION APPROVED
  25. Municipality of Egna (Bolzano) MOTION APPROVED
  26. Municipality of Finale Ligure (Savona) RESOLVED APPROVED
  27. Municipality of Filacciano (Rome) RESOLVES APPROVED
  28. Municipality of Florence MOTION APPROVED
  29. Municipality of Fonte Nuova (Rome) MOTION APPROVED
  30. Municipality of Fresagrandinaria (Chieti) MOTION APPROVED
  31. Municipality of Gallo Matese (Caserta) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  32. Municipality of Gambugliano (Vicenza) MOTION APPROVED
  33. Municipality of Giussago (Pavia) MOTION APPROVED
  34. Municipality of Introdacqua (L’Aquila) AGENDA AGREED
  35. Municipality of Isasca (Cuneo) AGREED AGENDA
  36. Municipality of Ladispoli (Rome) MOTION APPROVED
  37. Municipality of Loiano (Bologna) AGENDA AGENDA APPROVED
  38. Municipality of Lonigo (Vicenza) AGENDA AGREED
  39. Municipality of Laghi (Vicenza) RESOLVES APPROVED
  40. Municipality of Lauco (Udine) RESOLVES APPROVED
  41. Municipality of Malles Venosta (Bolzano) MOTION APPROVED
  42. Municipality of Marigliano (Naples) MOTION APPROVED
  43. Municipality of Modugno (Bari) RESOLVES APPROVED
  44. Municipality of Mola di Bari (Bari) TECHNICAL SUSPENSION
  45. Municipality of Mongrando (Biella) AGENDA
  46. Municipality of Mountain (Bolzano) MOTION APPROVED
  47. Municipality of Montegallo (Ascoli Piceno) MOTION APPROVED
  48. Municipality of Montesilvano (Pescara) APPROVED REGULATION VARIANT
  49. Municipality of Monticelli Pavese (Pavia) RESOLVED APPROVED
  50. Municipality of Monte San Pietro (Bologna) MOTION APPROVED
  51. Municipality of Montesilvano (Pescara) MOTION APPROVED
  52. Municipality of Montemarzino (Alessandria) RESOLVES APPROVED
  53. Municipality of Noli (Savona) RESOLVES APPROVED
  54. Municipality of Noragugume (Nuoro) RESOLVED APPROVED
  55. Municipality of Palmi (Reggio di Calabria) APPROVED REGULATION
  56. Municipality of Pontestura (Alessandria) RESOLVES APPROVED
  57. Municipality of Prata Sannita (Caserta) RESOLUTION APPROVED
  58. Municipality of Policoro (Matera) MOTION APPROVED
  59. Municipality of Quarto (Naples) MOTION APPROVED
  60. Municipality of Raviscanina (Caserta) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  61. Municipality of Riccione (Rimini) MOTION APPROVED
  62. Municipality of Robecchetto con Induno (Milan) RESOLVED APPROVED
  63. Municipality of Rocca di Papa (Rome) RESOLVED APPROVED
  64. Municipality of Rome Capital MOTION APPROVED
  65. Municipality of Sambuco (Cuneo) RESOLVES APPROVED
  66. Municipality of San Gregorio Matese (Caserta) FORBIDDEN INSTALLATION
  67. Municipality of San Potito Sannitico (Caserta) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  68. Municipality of San Salvatore Telesino (Benevento) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  69. Municipality of Sant’Angelo D’Alife (Caserta) MOTION APPROVED
  70. Municipality of Savignano Irpino (Avellino) RESOLVED APPROVED
  71. Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) MOTION APPROVED
  72. Municipality of Solonghello (Alessandria) RESOLVES APPROVED
  73. Municipality of Sovizzo (Vicenza) MOTION APPROVED
  74. Municipality of Telese Terme (Benevento) RESOLVES APPROVED
  75. Municipality of Turin MOTION APPROVED
  76. Municipality of Torremaggiore (Foggia) MOTION APPROVED
  77. Municipality of Tortoreto (Teramo) AGENDA AGENDA APPROVED
  79. Municipality of Villafranca Padovana (Padua) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  80. Municipality of Villaromagnano (Alessandria) RESOLVES APPROVED
  81. Municipality of Baone (Padua) ORDER BY EMANATE
  82. Municipality of Caneva (Pordenone)
  83. Municipality of Caresana (Vercelli) ORDER BY EMANATE
  84. Municipality of Camponogara (Venice) ORDER BY EMANATE
  85. Municipality of Cogne (Aosta) ANNOUNCEMENT TO EMANATE
  86. Municipality of Castiglione Cosentino (Cosenza) ORDER BY EMANATE
  87. Municipality of Delia (Caltanissetta) ORDER ORDER
  88. Municipality of Dozza (Bologna) ORDER BY THE EMANATE
  89. Municipality of Longare (Vicenza) ORDER BY THE EMANATE
  90. Municipality of Lozzolo (Vercelli) ORDER BY EMANATE
  91. Municipality of Marsaglia (Cuneo) ORDER BY THE EMANATE
  92. Municipality of Montecorvino Pugliano (Salerno) ORDER BY EMANATE
  93. Municipality of Montegrotto Terme (Padua)
  94. Municipality of Perloz (Aosta) ORDER BY EMANATE
  95. Municipality of Quarto (Naples) ORDER BY EMANATE
  96. Municipality of Ricaldone (Alessandria) ORDER BY EMANATE
  97. Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) ORDER BY THE EMANATE
  98. Municipality of Scanzano Jonico (Matera) ORDER ORDER
  99. Municipality of Torreglia (Padua) ORDER BY EMANATE
  100. Municipality of Tortoreto (Teramo) ORDER OF ISSUE