Misfire at Gov. Newsom?

Children’s Health Defense, Moms Across America, 5G Free California should do more careful fact-checking before misquoting Gov. Newsom.

This change.org petition
gets it right.

We can see fiber optic installations occurring around Northern CA schools this week, but (not yet, at least) installation of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) during the Covid-19 shutdown. Our schools — and the rest of us — can benefit from this new Fiber Optic goodness, but we have no need or desire to spray any of this broadband data through the air.

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Mar 23, 2020 Children’s Health Defense Instagram Post:

March 19th, Governor @gavinnewsom announced plans to use the quarantine to expand the deployment of wireless infrastructure in schools. This proposal opens the door for Big Telecom to deploy its deadly 5G infrastructure in all our public schools while we are all distracted by COVID-19.

Not exactly. As you can read in Newsom’s letter to Congress on Mar 19, 2020, Gov. Newsom calls for more broadband investment, but not solely for wireless:

"I am requesting additional funding in the following critical areas:

  • Funding for a major expansion of technology investments in our schools using the ESEA Title II-D Enhancing Education Technology authorization, which provides for both formula grants and competitive grants. The program is currently authorized at $1B but should be increased significantly.

  • Increased funding for Title I schools to address the high concentrations of poverty in these schools and the increased challenge of implementing on-line programs when many households lack broadband and other devices needed for on-line learning.

  • Increased funding for broadband upgrades to schools.

  • Increased funding for the Higher Education Act Teacher Quality Partnership Grants to prepare teachers for digital age learners.

  • Additional funding for USDA’s Child Nutrition Programs to address the modified programs schools are running during school closures."

Mar 23, 2020 Instagram post (continued):

Children’s Health Defense is launching a campaign together with Moms Across America and 5G Free California to ask Governor @gavinnewsom to reconsider this reckless project & protect our children’s health. As San Francisco Mayor,Gavin fought hand to hand combat against Telecom lobbyists and lawyers to pass and defend his ordinance requiring warnings on cell phones. He accused Telecom of using fraudulent Tobacco science and underhanded tactics to conceal the lethal perils of wireless radiation. Since then, the evidence of harm has become even more dispositive.

A 2019 Federal NTP study found “Clear Evidence” that cell radiation causes cancer and breaks DNA. In 2018 the CA Dept of Public Health published guidelines admitting that peer reviewed scientific studies links cell tower radiation to DNA damage, reproductive harms, cancer,learning disabilities & a long menu of other other grim injuries.

In 2014 the CA Medical Association passed a resolution calling on the FCC to update its health guidelines to reflect overwhelming evidence if profound harms. Every day families contact us with heartbreaking stories of children sickened by radiation from “small cells “in schools and near homes.

The Children’s Health Defense Lawsuit against the FCC includes Petitioners who are parents of CA children debilitated by cell towers in schools. Los Angeles teachers suffered disabling illnesses when LAUSD updated its WiFi systems. TODAY, WRITE Governor Newsom at stateinformation@state.ca.gov Tell Newsom: Please Do Not Deploy 5G / Wireless Installations in Our Schools During Quarantine and Thereafter!

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