Sacramento Teacher Dies of Coronavirus

From a resident in Sacramento . . .

March 17, 2020

Hello City Council and County health officials,

The woman who died went to my church and lives in my neighborhood.

I am following up on my last email about the negative effects of RF radiation on the human immune system. Today the Bee released an article about a cluster of cases at my neighborhood church.

The article states:

“The concentration of confirmed coronavirus cases appears to be the largest in a single location in the Sacramento region since the crisis began in late February,”

Do you really think it just coincidence that the largest cluster in Sacramento just happens to be in Sacramento’s 5G pilot area??? Another coincidence that Wuhan happened to be one of China’s 5G pilot areas??? Milan, capital of Lombardy, is another 5G pilot area …

I am not arguing that 5G is “causing” Covid-19. I am arguing that people living near small cells will have a lowered immune response and thus more infections and more severe infections. I have been trying to warn you about this issue for over a year and you simply have not taken the issue seriously. Now your constituents are paying the price. Shame on you all.

The woman was member of church with at least 4 other cases

By Sam Stanton, Sawsan Morrar, and Phillip Reese , Mar 17, 2020 | Original Sacramento Bee article here.

The Sacramento substitute teacher who died from coronavirus Sunday had been active in a church in Greenhaven that now reports five church members have tested positive for the COVID-19 disease and that others are awaiting test results.

The concentration of confirmed coronavirus cases appears to be the largest in a single location in the Sacramento region since the crisis began in late February, when U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials announced the first case of unknown origin in the United States was a Solano County resident being treated at UC Davis Medical Center.

Officials have not released the name of the woman who died, identifying her as a substitute teacher and volunteer who worked at Sutterville Elementary School in February. She was older than 70 and had “underlying health conditions.”

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The Sacramento Bee is not identifying the woman because neither her family, church nor school district have released her name. She was a longtime teacher in Sacramento schools and a former youth choir instructor at Faith Presbyterian Church on Florin Road in the Greenhaven neighborhood of Sacramento.

“She was always very cheerful and outgoing and loved children,” said the woman’s longtime friend, Carolyn Tillman, who volunteered with her to teach choir at the church. “She had retired a number of years ago, she was a longtime kindergarten teacher.”

Parents of Sutterville Elementary students received phone messages Monday night from the school’s principal informing them the teacher had died.

Sacramento church closed

Pastor Jeff Chapman and other church officials have not responded to interview requests this week, but the church issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying staffers first noticed members displaying symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 on March 12.

“That evening, the church leadership met and made the immediate decision to close the church facility on Florin Road to prevent spread of the virus in our congregation and community,” the statement said. “Additionally, church elders appointed a task force of three members of the congregation who have expertise in public health, infectious diseases and medicine to help guide all decisions.

“The facility is currently closed to all meetings, including the many outside groups who use the space, until at least April 3. The entire congregation was immediately directed to follow all guidance given by public health officials to those anywhere who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19.”

“At this point we do have five members who have tested positive for COVID-19,” Chapman wrote in an update on March 14, one day before the teacher died. “Others, including myself, are symptomatic, quarantined, and awaiting test results.

“Please continue to keep them, and those who care for them, in your prayers. I trust that you understand that we are not able to release the names of those who have tested positive (although if I test positive I will certainly let you know).”

The update does not mention the woman who died, but older issues of church newsletters online identify her as a former volunteer for the Youth Faith Singers Children’s Choir who retired from working with the choir in 2010.

The woman was still active in the church, Tillman said, but she said she had no idea how her friend or fellow church members may have been infected, adding that she did not know of any trips or cruises she may have taken.

“She had two dachshund dogs as pets,” Tillman said, as well as a granddaughter and another youngster she considered to be a granddaughter.

“She would have been a joy to be anybody’s grandmother,” Tillman added. “She was cheerful and dependable.

“If she said she was going to be somewhere she was there.”

COVID-19 at Sacramento church

At the church early Tuesday, all doors were covered with signs warning visitors to stay away.

“NO ENTRY,” the signs read. “Entry is prohibited to all persons (even those with keys) due to Coronavirus mitigation efforts.

“All gatherings at Faith Presbyterian Church are (canceled) or postponed until further notice.”

The decision to close the church came March 12, according to a post by Chapman and fellow Pastor Brett Shoemaker.

“This decision to close the church buildings comes as a response to recommended CDC, state and county safeguards and best practices during the current health crisis,” they wrote. “Confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in our own church community currently exist, and more may follow.

“In an effort to mitigate the spread of this virus, closing the church buildings is the wise and necessary decision.”

The substitute teacher was the second person reported to have died from the disease in Sacramento. The first was a woman in her 90s who was a resident of an Elk Grove assisted living facility and died one week ago.

As of late Monday, Sacramento County had 39 other confirmed coronavirus cases. Statewide, the number of residents who tested positive for the COVID-19 strain neared 500 as the death toll nearly doubled to 11, according to the state’s Department of Public Health.