Will We Face Bioweapon Two?

Apr 14, 2020 | Original Brassballs.blog article here

Will Bavari trigger Bioweapon Two?


On Apr 14, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO): got their funding cut by President Donald J. Trump and issued a new Ebola case — confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Will another Ebola virus pandemic be rolled out this year?

Trump HALTS payment to W.H.O. and BLAMES them for delayed response

Could we see a Second Bioweapon concocted by Dr. Sina Bavari? Bavari is a former head of the Army’s Medical Research Institute of infectious diseases at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.(Background: 2016 Symposium Celebrates University of Nebraska Medical Center /China collaboration).

The strain is called Filoviridae. Who helped with the research? Sini Bavari, PhD. His name is attached to the research dated March 2019.Bavari’s name is the fourth one listed in the top line of the following image:

Bavari image two.png

Bavaru another bioweapon image top banner.png

Who else was at the core of the Army’s Medical Research Unit at Ft. Detrick regarding the China virus? Col. Gary Wheeler, M.D. was Bavari’s former boss at Fort Detrick. Is Bioweapon Two the special project on which Col. Wheeler, M.D., is working?

Wheeler Gary photo two slim.png

Wheeler linked in top panel Special Projects image.png

Col. Gary Wheeler, M.D. (LinkedIn Profile)

Wheeler linked in two resume.png

Bavari and Gary Wheeler photo.png

Col. Gary Wheeler (far left) with Dr. Sani Bavari (far right). The soldier in the middle is unidentified.

WHO PR April 14th 2020 image headline.png


WHO the next pandemic April 10th 2020 image banner headline.png