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SF-DPW Hearing


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

10:00 AM

The FINAL hearing on implementing the dangerous SF-DPW Ordinance to Article 25 (Ordinance 190-19) is scheduled for Wed Aug 19 @ 10:00 am

In accordance with Gov. Gavin Newson’s statewide order for all residents to shelter in place and the numerous local and state proclamations, orders and supplemental directions, aggressive directives have been issued to slow down and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, Public Works hearings that are held through videoconferencing will allow remote public comment. As the COVID-19 disease progresses, please visit the Public Works website (sfpublicworks.org) regularly to be updated on the current situation as it affects public hearings and the department.

Notice is hereby given that the Director of Public Works will hold a remote public hearing via teleconference to consider the item(s) listed below and that said public hearing will be held as follows:

  1. Call to Order

    • View at: Microsoft Teams link (https://bit.ly/3f9IxAA)
    • Public comment call-in: 888-204-5984 / Access Code 9927045
  2. Order No. 203367 — Notice of public hearing to further implement the requirements of San Francisco Public Works Code Article 25 by adopting objective standards for personal wireless service facilities.

Persons unable to participate in the videoconference may submit written comments regarding the proposed Objective Standards

  • By snail mail to the Public Works – Street Use and Mapping 49 South Van Ness Ave, Suite 300, San Francisco, Ca 94103 (a new location starting July 16, 2020 ) , Attention: Wireless, or

  • By electronic mail to DPW-Wireless-Program@sfdpw.org.

  • Comments received before the hearing will be brought to the attention of the hearing officer and made a part of the official public record.

Individuals who wish to speak at the hearing and who want to use materials such as PowerPoint files, documents and photo images in their presentations must send the materials to Bureau of Street Use and Mapping via email at DPW-Wireless-Program@sfdpw.org. by 5:00 p.m. the day before the hearing.

If these “objective standards” are approved and implemented, hundreds of new 4+5G antennas will be put up throughout San Francisco as close as 9’ from your window without public input.

We need you to help us by emailing DPW with your protest and by showing up at the meeting to give public comment! When you email, please cc your Supervisor and sflocalcontrol@gmail.com.

Email DPW to comment on “objective” standards in

San Francisco Department of Public Works Order No: 203367.

  • Hearing starts at 10am.

Email: DPW-Wireless-Program@sfdpw.org

Sample email belown — feel free to personalize.

Dear DPW Wireless Manager:

My name is _____________ and I am protesting the regulations you want to put in place for ordinance 190-19/

Any regulations on small cell facilities MUST include the following

  1. Proof of Gap in Coverage by a certified independent engineer using an objective measurement that can be quantified and should be added to the “objective standards.” The 2005 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling in Metro-PCS v San Francisco establishes "Signficant Gap in Telcommunications Coverage" and "Least Intrusive Means" as the way to close such a proven gap as the standards for placement, construction and modification of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) in California. Such a standard, should be added to Ordinance 190-19.

  2. The revision produced by DPW still allows three (3) antennas per pole, the maximum should be two (2).

  3. It allows five (5) distinctive ancillary cabinets/components per pole – this should be a maximum of two (2).

  4. Total volume of ancillary equipment at 28 cubic feet is an aesthetic blight! Local government is allowed to take aesthetics into account in its standards – a refrigerator-sized equipment attached to or set on the ground near poles is aesthetically unacceptable, as well as dangerous.

  5. The closest Personal Wireless Facilities/small cell antennas can be to buildings and windows should be 15 feet unless measurements can prove that radiation is not emitting into residences and buildings. The Montgomery County, MD established their distance based on a scientific-review by independents engineers.

  6. Ordinance 190-19 increases the cubic ft from one cubic foot to three cubic feet for antennas. This is a MAJOR concession to the TELECOM and their profit goals. Limiting total volume of ancillary boxes near parks to 15 cubic feet is an improvement but should apply to all poles.

Please make these revisions to help safeguard San Franciscans and the beauty of San Francisco!



Your friends at San Franciscans for Local Control, not Telecom