U.S. and the world at a crossroads: either Trump foils the coup against him or the New World Order will arise

By Cesare Sacchetti, Jan 17, 2021 | Original post here


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was spotted at the White House last Friday.

Lindell carried with him some papers and some handwritten notes that suggest Trump’s best path is to trigger the Insurrection Act and the consequent dealing of the emergency powers. The Insurrection Act would mean the activation of the military courts to judge those who orchestrated riots or other subversive acts that can compromise the integrity and the stability of the Republic.

Apparently, the entrepreneur would have had a short meeting with Trump, where he presented the President with the best options to trigger these emergency powers, but it’s not clear if Trump took into consideration the recommendations of Lindell.

After the meeting, Lindell stated that he had only been a messenger who had received the task to forward a message to Trump from an attorney, whose name wasn’t disclosed. On Lindell’s notes, there was also written the name of Sidney Powell, probably because in this plan Ms. Powell would have a special assignment to conduct a probe into the election fraud.

These are certainly crucial hours for America and the entire world.

Many people asked why Trump didn’t promptly act to foil the ongoing coup, and many people are still asking if, at this point, the President is willing to take the critical decision to arrest those who have been trying to overthrow him with a coup d’état.

The Coup Against Trump

Before taking into consideration the possible scenarios which Trump could consider, it is necessary to retrace the main phases of the coup.

Everything started the night of November 3. That was the beginning of this operation when the system realized that Trump was easily winning a second term. An order was sent and in the key states, all of sudden, the vote counting was halted.

At that moment, thousands of illegal late mail votes were dumped, and every single vote was strangely in favor of Joe Biden.

Access to the polling stations was prevented for Republican poll-watchers.

Only this fact would have been more than enough to invalidate the elections because the electoral laws had been brazenly violated, as Trey Gaynor, the chairman of FEC, pointed out.

The fraud wasn’t limited just to the use of illegal ballots and late mail ballots. There was an external level of the operation which took place outside the United States, where a team of hackers received the task to switch votes from Trump to Biden.

According to what was revealed by a former CIA agent, Bradley Johnson, the hacking was already taking place in Frankfurt in the local CIA station, which hosts Dominion’ servers, the company tied to Soros and Clinton.

At that point, another country, Italy, came on the scene as has already been explained in two previous articles. Once the Frankfurt hacking group realized that Trump was winning despite the electronic scam, the directors of this fraud called the Italian government for help.

In the US embassy in Rome, according to Johnson and Maria Zack, the Italian general Claudio Graziano coordinated the recalibration via a hacking attack, through Leonardo’s military satellites, the Italian government company specializing in the Defense and Aerospace sectors.

In this regard, it is certainly interesting to notice that the Italian mainstream media, such as La Stampa, La Repubblica, and Il Giornale, defined a “conspiracy theory” the articles reported by this blog, but these media failed to observe that nobody, but Graziano and Renzi, denied the version of Zack and Johnson.

The US embassy in Rome didn’t comment on these very serious accusations and the outgoing Conte’s government also didn’t deny anything of this story. Leonardo didn’t say a word too and after Italygate exploded, ten of its managers were arrested on corruption and bribing charges.

Italy and its government institutions ruled by globalism could have had a fundamental role in the fraud, but in the broader context of an operation that involved several international governments that participated in an unprecedented attack against US sovereignty.

The countries that took part in the attack are certainly Switzerland, which owns Scytl, a flawed software related to Dominion; China, which financed Dominion’s parent company; Canada, which hosts Dominion’s headquarters; Germany because it executed part of the hacking and finally Italy for its previously mentioned role.

In other words, it was an international coup against the US and Donald Trump perpetrated by governments that are firmly controlled by the international globalist power. At this point, the question is why did Trump allow all of this without taking the appropriate counter-measures?

The President was certainly informed that the deep state would try to oust him and signed an executive order in September 2018 to sanction foreign interference election. However, the order has never been triggered so far because of, most probably, the US intelligence community, which wrote the report on foreign interference, and delivered to the President a contradictory and inconclusive analysis regarding this matter.

Basically, the system sabotaged the President, preventing the use of this weapon.

The only way to still activate this EO would be to have some new and indisputable evidence regarding foreign election interference, and maybe something could come up in the next few hours from Italygate. Meanwhile, almost every US court failed to even examine the evidence presented by Trump’s lawyers.

There was and there is still proof, but it was impossible to find a court willing to look at it.

The False Flag of Capitol Hill

So the coup went on until January 6, the day where the Congress illegally certified the election and, by doing so, committed a high treason crime. Before this subversive and unconstitutional act, the Capitol Hill riots had taken place where fake Trump supporters stormed the US Parliament.

In the last week, irrefutable evidence emerged that clearly showed how those rioters didn’t belong to Trump’s supporters. On the contrary, people who have been arrested for the attack are tied to Antifà and Black Lives Matter, the terrorist groups heavily financed by Soros.

Basically, the Capitol Hill’s attack had only been a false flag operation conceived by the President’s enemies to falsely accuse him of having planned the insurrection. There was unrest at the U.S. Capitol, but it wasn’t orchestrated by Trump. It was but orchestrated by the Deep State.

This operation was fundamental to motivating the second impeachment orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi. It is the first time in US history that a US President has been through two impeachment attempts.

In the first attempt, the bogus accusations were founded upon the Russiagate, which is the hoax to falsely accuse Trump of being a Russian agent. Moreover, the recently unclassified FISA documents have definitively proved how the entire investigation against Trump was politically motivated and coordinated by former President Obama who had authorized the illegal espionage against Trump.

In both cases, the director of the impeachments was Nancy Pelosi, who at this point clearly breached the Constitution and could also be considered subversive.

At this point, Trump has all the proof needed to accuse Congress of having illegally certified the election and could also consider Pelosi guilty of high treason for her reiterated attempts to use impeachment as a political weapon to oust the President.

Another aspect that is puzzling in this story is the foolish rush of the system to remove an apparent “outgoing” President. The argument that the impeachment would prevent Trump’s candidacy in 2024 is nonsense because Trump would never have any real chance of victory anyway.

The deep state would never allow him to legally win the election in any way, as it happened in 2020. The reasons seem to be different. The system seems to fear, in some way, that Trump could still do something, otherwise, this rush is pointless.

Once Nancy Pelosi started her subversive act against Trump, the social media, at the same time, cut the communications of the incumbent President. For the first time since the creation of these platforms, a State head has been banned by each one of them.

The Deep State wants to prevent Trump from communicating with his people in any way. Maybe the reason for this decision can be found in one of Trump’s latest tweets, where the President wrote in capital letters that the Americans will have a “GIANT VOICE” in the future.

President Trump Asserts The 75 Million People Who Voted ...

Giant voice is the term used in the military jargon to identify the military emergence transmissions to inform the civil population about an incoming crisis. Has the President tried to send a coded message to his people regarding a possible activation of martial law or the Insurrection Act?

Another thing that apparently doesn’t have a logical explanation is the militarization of DC, which nowadays is the most guarded city in the world. There are 25,000 national guard members in the city and a non-scalable fence was erected around Capitol Hill, which this time the system wants to protect effectively unlike on January 6.

There are also several military checkpoints in the street. All this for an inauguration that will only be virtual. Today was also planned to be Biden’s inauguration rehearsal but it was mysteriously postponed over “security concerns.”

It wasn’t said what these “security concerns” could possibly be in the most heavily guarded city in the world. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris hasn’t left her seat in the Senate and only three days are left to her inauguration.

It’s the first time in US history that a Senator has waited until the last moment to resign, and this suggests that she wants to leave it to the last moment before leaving her present assignment maybe because she fears that something unexpected might happen.

However, it’s time to come back at the first question of this analysis, which is the reason why Trump didn’t try to stop before this mechanism. The most probable hypothesis is that Trump tried until the last moment to find a way to peacefully solve this crisis, but he realized that this is simply impossible.

Trump saw that every part of the system is infected

  • Courts are infected, ministers are infected, political parties are infected and even the Vice-president is infected because he failed to protect the Constitution and the integrity of the election on January 6.

  • Every peaceful way seems to have failed and in these hours, there will be the final test to know if Trump wants to go all the way.

Someone thinks that this scenario was foreseen and that Trump knew that situation would have come anyway. Trump would consider, since the beginning, the use of the armed forces to drain a system heavily infected and corrupt.

Trump’s decision to reshuffle the higher ranks of the Pentagon in November and to remove Kissinger and Albright, two globalist hawks, from the defense policy board would be consistent with this scenario.

These moves do not look like the ones of an “outgoing” President. The Pentagon’s reshuffling seems a move to have complete control of the military machine, without which is impossible to execute any plan to remove by the use of force the ongoing coup.

This election has proven an irrefutable fact

It is impossible to change the status quo by democratic means because democracy wasn’t conceived to give power to the people, but to assure the absolute dominion of the globalist financial élite.

  • In a democracy, those who have the financial resources to control the media and political parties are the real rulers.

  • Trump broke the false Republican/Democratic duopoly by which the deep state had been controlling America for decades because he had the means to finance his own campaign. It was a system bug that the system itself has tried to desperately remove since the beginning of his campaign.

  • Make America Great Again is simply incompatible with the globalist agenda, which aims for a world dictatorship for a long time. There’s no way to win through bureaucratic peaceful ways. The bank always wins.

If someone wants to beat the bank, it would have to move the game on another plan and arrest those who had violated the rules and committed very serious crimes.

In the liberal democracy conceived by globalism, there’s no other way to do it.

If Trump surrenders, the New World Order will arise

Trump now has a historical opportunity to do that and if he fails, he will deliver America into the hands of Communist China and he will pave the way to the New World Order. The Great Reset will be virtually unstoppable as John Kerry, a member of the occult secret society Skulls and Bones, said.

Time is ticking. A huge responsibility weighs on Trump’s shoulders. What Trump will choose will not only affect the fate of America but of the entire world. If the US were to be ruled again by globalism, the New World Order will have no obstacles.

At that point, there will be only Russia surrounded by Communist China and by the newly recomposed Euro-Atlantic block. Not only does Trump’s eventual inaction favor global dictatorship, but it will also destroy him and his family.

There is no future as a businessman for Trump. The globalist mafia will scorch the earth around him. The DC attorney general is looking for ways to arrest him and his son.

If the mechanism is not stopped now, the Great Reset will be activated and it will overwhelm everyone and everything. These are crucial and tremendous hours. Maybe Trump can find the answer in the letters sent to him by Archbishop Viganò. In those letters, the President can fully understand what is at stake.

Perhaps, in those letters, the President can find the inspiration to crush the head of the serpent once and for all.