Dominion’s Own FROG Destroys Their Claim

By Tore Says, Feb 11, 2021 | Original Tore Says article here.


Dominion has been crying on television peddling the overused heart felt story about how the company started in a basement by Greek-Canadian Poulos. Same tiny violin. FROGS are potentially the downfall of ANY tech company’s security not just Dominion.

Dominion’s attorneys sent “intimidating” letters to various persons who filed affidavits exposing the company’s deficiencies and warranted claims of malicious and intentional interference with the 2020 US elections. Sounds like witness intimidation or at the very least tampering with witnesses and evidence.

"Dominion was created in John Poulos’s basement in Toronto to help blind people vote on paper ballots. Its systems are certified under standards promulgated by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”). This involves a rigorous review and testing process conducted by independent laboratories accredited by the EAC, and Dominion designed the voting systems to be auditable and include a paper ballot backup to verify results. Because of these safeguards, there is overwhelming direct evidence that conclusively disproves claims about Dominion manipulating vote counts — namely, the millions of paper ballots that were audited and recounted by bipartisan election officials, confirming that Dominion accurately counted votes on paper ballots."

~ Part of intimidation letter

Factually, the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA) has been violated because the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”) has NOT certified them: the Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTLs) were not certified.

This is where the technical terms come in and surely most post 2000 coders don’t realize that “old ciphertexts” are the foundations of new ones and they were created with safe guards. In the case of Dominion which poetically means the power or right of governing is being owned by a real life and AI interpreter.

In Sidney Powell’s case an affidavit reveals that Dominion systems have a “cipher trapdoor.” It’s where code exists to translate plain text (info that you are transmitting to a receiver — like ballot votes to receiver for tally) into encrypted code and then encrypted code back into plain text. It’s a FROG ciphertext. Ciphertext is basically encryption of plain text (just naked data).

Block ciphers use logical operators or “eXclusive OR” (XOR) logic operators that are fixed sequences applied to plain text and a secret key to yield ciphertext. FROG block ciphers are stealthy. They actually HIDE the actual fixed sequences or primitive operations even when the cipher is known.

Normally the key is used as data but a FROG uses the secret key as data and also as a set of guidelines and instruction to create, combine or ALTER the data. That means the secret key (decipher key) is used as a program – therefore FROG INTERPRETS the data as the KEY INSTRUCTS.

For example:

  • Your ballot goes into the machine.
  • The trapdoor “shuffles and cleanses” according to Dominion to anonymize your votes and spits them out on the other side “anonymized” to supposedly match your original data but without looking like the original data so you are awarded privacy.
  • You just have to trust them since you aren’t allowed to know their secret key.
  • Is this why the EAC appointed companies and states aren’t allowed to examine the “proprietary code”?

Dominion claims their software is proprietary because it’s about encryption — when in fact there is a FROG baked into it.

  • Your ballot goes in as plain text,
  • a secret key encrypts it and then
  • the same key decrypts it and then
  • it comes out as plaintext again,

. . . so they say. FROG Ciphers use SECRET KEYS that are programs allowing to implement scripts and algorithms. Hence the percentage of votes and the change in tallies.

Incredibly, the creator of this block cipher attracted the Central Intelligence Agency back in 1998 because it was created to be able to DEFEND “itself” from unknown and unpredictable cyberattacks but also was a fail safe in case AI was ever to get out of hand. In essence, it’s the key to Quantum computing. The block cipher has come a long way from the original pitch below.

How do I know? I was there in 1999 when the creators pitched it to former top brass namely, John Brennan, James Clapper, General Hayden, General Jones, John McCain and up and coming tech giants who use FROGS but unknowingly have the original FROG machine instructions baked into them.

“FROG is very easy to implement (the reference C version has only about 150 lines of code). Much of the code needed to implement FROG is used to generate the secret internal key; the internal cipher itself is a very short piece of code. It is possible to write an assembly routine of just 22 machine instructions that does full FROG encryptions and decryption. The implementation will run well on 8 bit processors because it uses only byte-level instructions. No bit-specific operations are used. Once the internal key has been computed, the algorithm is fairly fast: a version implemented using 8086 assembler achieves processing speeds of over 2.2 megabytes per second when run on a 200 MHz Pentium PC.”

Back then it was an algorithm with 8 cycles and a complicated-for-that-time key schedule. Many worked hard as others have to amplify it and most AES block ciphers draw on the FALSE portrayal of what FROG was.

Building out a code is almost like a house that you build out, only ciphers are built out with subkeys upon subkeys but nevertheless the foundation remains the same. A FROG is simply a bidirectional interpreter. There is no master secret key UNLESS you know the ORIGINAL FROG block cipher key.

That means EVERY FROG block cipher used is compromised because the master key is baked into it’s structure which was one of the unspoken and undetectable design flaws.


The text and original architecture has seemed to have vanished from books, papers and databases but a handful of people knew the actual core cipher. Incredibly, FROG was depicted as a weak key class when it wasn’t. It’s original architecture was not being discussed it was MISREPRESENTED and another faux version of it was “destroyed” so no one would look since the Agency took interest. They wanted the original architecture buried.

As far as Dominion lawsuits for defamation...It seems that the FROGS will destroy them all.

Dominion sent me a letter asking me to retract my article from 2019. Why? How does that article apply to them? They want me retract the math I did- and never mentioned their company. WHY? I am a FACT witness.


It is because they realized that I EXPOSED the actual inner workings. It exploits their “proprietary” information. Why would I retract the only evidence showing that their “proprietary” software isn’t really proprietary if the master key exists?

The master key is an algorithm that the Central Intelligence Agency purchased back in 1999 and I had the pleasure of learning it when it was running on 8 bit processors. I don’t need a book or paper to remember the most incredible assembly routine that uses only 17 machine instructions that can complete FULL FROG encryptions and decryptions that are BAKED into all AES Encryption used across the world wide web. #OccamsRazor

The most incredible part of FROG is that you can’t detect it because it is baked into every encryption algorithm because it’s both a key and program. Almost like genetic crosstalk – it’s quite genius. You don’t have to use the Master FROG as a block cipher to exist. It’s components are “spread across” ALL encryption algorithms today as they are basic machine instructions. Like the terminator, these components come together to form a FROG and run any script, manipulate and redirect data – undetectably when two or more components are accessed to trigger the cascade.

The FROG block cipher Dominion uses in their trapdoor was implemented by those that know how the master key works. Dominion may not even be aware that their secret key or their FROG isn’t so secret as a way of creating non-attribution for those who do. Dominion being unware is part of the non-attribution.

In the past decade, China and Russia have been trying to determine the ultimate master key to all encryption. Considering that John Brennan, General Hayden and others know about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold or lent a bootleg version of it simply to garner access undetectably into such systems. This was something that was tested in Ukraine that caused the voting systems to stall and hang – therefore they stopped counting. You can’t run a master key program with too many or too little machine instructions because then the access will be terminated and severely flawed.

Make no mistake – this “proprietary” software has been used in all US and Global elections since 2000 with the “flavor of the month” Election Machine company.

Dominion is hiding behind “proprietary” information when in essence I exposed the existence of voting machine encryption being a key and program with my 2019 article they demanded I retract which didn’t even mention them. Why? That is because their “proprietary” encryption isn’t proprietary and the fact that you can’t have ABSOLUTE proof that their KEY is only a KEY is evidence that it is a program and my math proves that without identifying the original FROG that can cause detrimental cyberspace chaos rendering AES and other encryption keys useless.

Dominion’s downfall will come from the CONGRESSIONALLY PASSED HAVA ACT in 2002 that doesn’t have Intellectual Property and “proprietary” argument loop holes to jump through.

  • The EAC never certified them because those that certified them were NOT certified.
  • The companies that “certified” Dominion are two – SLI GAMING and Pro V & V — bot if which lacked EAC certification.

One firm has offices in CHINA and the other one is Jack Cobb who is WELL AWARE of the FROG component from his Defense contracting days.

In other words, it seems that Dominion is guilty of intentionally breaching our national security by partaking in fraudulent elections since they KNEW they were not really CERTIFIED as the 2002 HAVA ACT mandates.